The New Blogger!


Hey All,
I hope you all are having an amazing day, with weekend just hitting in. Well so am I, plus I decided to add something more interesting to my weekends. So after having a full time career in writing I decided to spend some more time of my life – Writing.  Well yeah people would usually go the other way round, but I am hardly the follower of rules. So this blogging is my peace-time from daily hustle. well after thinking about what exactly I should be blogging about, I figured how important the “F” word is to me. Well, don’t stress away I am just referring to…Food…Fashion…Fun…and yeah whatever word popped in your mind during the “Good place, Bad phase” moments. So I hope you enjoy it as much as I am going to, putting it together and of course put on those bounty calories, after you hog, seeing my food uploads. 

Warning: They are all going to crave the shit outta you!

P.S: Show your love and don’t forget to like and post your feedbacks.

Love Fashioneatista.

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