The Tea Lounge


I had a long day at work; yeah I live in a world where I have to work on Saturdays too. *Sulking* I just wrapped up a long interruptive shoot *everyone has expertise suggestion on everything* but I finally managed to wrap it up on a good note.
Somehow I was more than blessed; as I found this new little place just a little ahead from where I parked my car. “Finjaan” the first thing I asked on entering the place was- “Is this the same Finjaan from which was earlier located at Tolichowki and has been shut for a while?”
It indeed was. I am not a fan of tea but this place has wide variety of it, almost 36 types! From Green Teas to Herbal Fusion Teas, White Teas to Natural Pu’er Teas, they have it all.
Hyderabad’s first ever Tea Lounge; what was there to wait for? I was all set to have my very own ‘Tea ceremony’. It’s a practice very traditionally followed in China. It involves demonstrating of the process and explaining about the ‘Tea’ used. Served in cute little Chinese cups and double wall glass, I had a very informative tea tasting.  Starting with Chinese Ginseng Oolong tea which is a type of green tea, followed by jasmine pearls (white tea),Rose buds (aromatic Black/Pink tea) and Mint Tea(natural Flavour). Yes! I could make a difference between all 4 flavours I tried. Not to mention it felt more of tea shots. With every serve comes the aroma and taste you can perfectly differentiate.
If you wish to bring your experience home, they also sell the complete tea experience from tea flavours to tea wear; you can take the very essence of the experience home and enjoy in the comfort of your home with family and friends.


Location: Opp Iran consulate, lane opp GVK, 7, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad.IMG_2931

IMG_2929 IMG_2928

To a really hectic day and a soothing end.
Love Fashioneatista

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