Festive Vibes, Diwali

Statement Earrings by Radhika Agrawal


Diwali is my favorite festival and time of the year. The 5 day long celebrations involves a lot of bonding with friends and family but for me it’s all about the love for lights. I personally decorate every part of my house, light diyas and scented candles, that post lightening them there is no need of electrical lights in the house. The only time of the year I enjoy applying mehandi, wear traditional attire(no I am not a big fan of dressing in Indian attire) rob moms closet for her exquisite jewellery(god forbid, Laxmi mata wont bless me if I wear junk) and of course crackers(the prompting session that goes behind when you are trying to light up the damn thing will give me a heart attack one day).

Here is giving you a glimpse of my Diwali in pictures.


..,and those are only one each of what I got!
Deli 9 Goodie Box, India Circus Mug and The Body Shop Diwali Hamper.
Personalized Diwali Gift hampers- Its all about spreading ‘Sweet’ memories.

Keep Sparkling.
Love Fashioneatista

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