The Thick Shake Factory


I am so excited; with so many new places opening up in Hyderabad (food related of course) that i can’t wait to share my reviews with you all.

“Thick Shake Factory” is new and already has 2 branches in the city. It’s an all new concept of a “Shake Bar” sounds amazing doesn’t it? Well it tastes amazing too. The shakes are so thick and yum, you are sure going to have a foodgasm that is going to embarrass people around you. (Well, my friends were pretty much embarrassed because i just couldn’t help it. The first sip i took simply transported me to paradise).

Things You Can Try: Well you can go mad with options; they have a range of Fruity delights, Thick shakes, Milkshakes, Slushes & Mocktails and don’t forget the Bubble Tea. If that doesn’t confuse you enough leaving it hard to choose one for yourself, they also have option to customize your drink with their 4 steps- shape your shake option.

What I loved: Peanut Butter Indulgence (my absolute favourite), StrawBanana (even the banana haters will love it, totally awesome) and Belgian Chocolate (Chocolate lovers will totally go crazy *Drooling*). I also tried Mint & Choco Chip (It’s a refreshingly new but you can skip it if you are not fan of mint).


Branch 1: Manjeera Trinity Mall, Kukatapally.Rossa, take left near HDFC bank)
Branch 2: Syala Drive In, Rd no 10, jubilee hills (A little ahead of Testa Rossa)

Hope you enjoy your glass of “Thick Shake
Love Fashioneatista

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