This by far has been the best weekend; I met one of my really old friend for lunch today, well more of late lunch and coffee sorts. So I planned to explore this new place called Éclair. It’s a tiny little patisserie shop, which if you don’t really look for, you will probably miss.
The moment you step in…You will fall in love with this small cozy yet pretty place. I spoke to the owner who very sweetly offered to help us choose their best. (Because it was obviously getting difficult for us to choose) We were on a roll and ordered like people who haven’t had desserts in years. (Well, we dint at least not as good as these)
The first that arrived was Slice of German chocolate cake- coconut. Well I must say even though I am not a fan of coconut I loved this one, it’s perfectly blended with chocolate and leaves you with just a hint of coconut and more of strong chocolaty flavor.
The next was Gooey Brownie (If it was a movie, everything beyond this would probably be in slow motion) I have some weird fascination for desserts in jar and the gooey brownie happened to be just one of those.
Coming in a small jar (steamed) it looked like I could lick right out of it (if only I had a tongue like “The Mask”) ohhk. I am stop going to be so gross, but you gotta understand my excitement, because this jar gave me some major foodgasm and the only thought in mind was “I have Lived (yeah, big time movie buff) but anyway you have to try this, it’s like an obligation, no excuses!!
Not that I could look beyond the gooey brownie, I was glad my coffee came in time and so did the Chicken Pot Pie (they also have Quiches, Buns, Sandwiches, Tarts and Pies both veg and non veg) it was yumm indeed and cheesy.  I dint need it but I was glad for little change in taste.
The climax however was “The Peanut Éclair” Oh! May..I.. say.. it was sinful? Packed with chocolate this was the second best thing I had.
So visit this pretty little place, and if you don’t find place to sit, of which the chances are really high; don’t forget to take away some chocolaty goodness.
I officially declare it as my Sinful Paradise.

Location:  Beside Audi Showroom, Road 12, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad.






Love Fashioneatista

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