Travel (Makeup) Essentials

I think every girl loves makeup, be it minimal or the glam diva essentials a makeup kit is every woman’s prized possession. I’m pretty minimalistic when it comes to make up but I like to be ready if I plan attend a party/event on a short notice.
I always tend to over pack, no  matter how frequent I travel (which is pretty much a lot) I just kind of panic when I don’t have things I need (or might need in case of emergencies) right at my tip. But I have been trying to cut down to essentials and share a part of my travel essentials with you.
My travel kit is a floral pouch from Forever New.  The stuff I use is pretty affordable and I could vouch for the quality (well anyone would since all the brands are.
(** I always carry a lot of cotton and baby oil that I use as makeup remover. Remember to carry your powder makeup like eye shadows and blushes with you on your carry-on as they can shatter. Although, placing a cotton pad or cotton ball in the compact prevents this! I lay them out at the hotel when I do my makeup and it makes it easy for me to spot what I need and quickly place items back where they belong when I’m done. Not having to dig through a big makeup bag for mascara for an hour is luxury)
I always carry my ¹Body Shop Strawberry Body Butter’ it smells utterly luscious and the small box is quite travel friendly and fits in anywhere and always keeps my skin moisturized. I brought my ² ’Maybelline BB Cream’ it’s the only one I ever tried and it’s a love at first sight, it blends in perfectly and I don’t need anything else for my skin, its quick and what I prefer on no makeup days (which is almost.. always)
³‘Livon’ miniature bottle is perfect to beat the holiday hair blues just 2 drops of it on my damp hair and I am set, I let it dry normally and enjoy my wavy hair. Smelling good is like purpose of my life (no doubt I am obsessed with lotions and mists) lately I have been carrying Victoria’s Secret – Bombshell mist’ its sensuous and sweet (feeling awesome because I have it on right now and I totally love it) mists blow of easily so it’s good to carry one with you always as their size are handy and leaves you smelling fresh at an instant (unlike perfumes mists are to be applied directly on your skin and best time to apply it is as soon as you are out of the shower when your pores are still open and it ensures the mist to last longer, you can layer it with a fragrant body lotion of similar range and smell good all day). I use hand creams a lot, they leave my hands soft and baby like. The cute little tube is ‘Body Shop’s Strawberry Hand Cream’ it smells divine, moisturizes perfectly leaving my hands soft.
The most essential thing that I brought and I can’t live without is my black eye liner, I’m currently using this ‘Sketch liner by MAC’ it’s easy and quick and gives the perfect winged liner that I am clearly obsessed with. I have also carried the Benefit’s – They’re Real Push-Up Liner and Mascara’ I got from Dubai on my last trip (still figuring out how to use it for winged liner but it’s perfect and smooth for a normal liner and the mascara is fabulous). Take Me As I Am From Color Bar” is the perfect coral (suits most of the skin tones) lot of people complained about using it but the trick I use is apply a little lip balm(colorless of course) and then apply the shade for perfect look.
¹The Body Shop Lip and Cheek Stain’ acts as a blush and gives me the natural pink look which can be used for casual occasions too. It doesn’t really show you have worked hard for that blush and just gives a natural pink. I am in love with ¹²L’Oreal Star Collection- Pure Amaranthe’ is my pick, goes perfect with my skin tone and I am clearly & madly in love with it. For a more casual look I got my ¹³‘Maybelline Elixir- caramel infused’ to go with my barely there look. I also brought my¹Forest Essential lip balm’ which I use before applying my lipstick and every night before bed time. Lastly hand full of ¹’Ear Buds’ and no there not for my ears, they help me to remove the extra liner or kajal or even redo it without spreading it and making my eyes look black, u can dip it very lightly (almost like it’s not there) with any make up remover or cleaning milk, I use baby oil.
Hope this helped you, so share your travel essentials on Instagram @Fashioneatista
Love Fahsioneatista

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