WOFL Hyderabad



Waffles are like the latest trend the city but ‘Wofl’ is by far unsurpassed. Imagine a place that serves variety of waffles, pancakes and more. Well you can step back into reality and drive straight to Wofl. It’s the hub of all things yummy. They have wide variety of waffles, pancakes, pastas, omelet’s, French toasts, pizzas, burgers and hotdogs and as if this wasn’t enough they also have some great meals.

Even though they had so many options I placed order for their best ‘Wofl Ala Mode’, waffle with topping of baked apple blended perfectly with cinnamon and spice served with vanilla ice cream. Aren’t you drooling already? Well wait till you have a bite and let the flavors do their magic.

I don’t judge a place with just one dish, but sometimes just after your first serving arrives you know if you can blindly order or be careful about what you choose. In today’s case I just grabbed the menu and ordered all there was as part of ‘Wofl exclusive options’.


‘ Woflette’  a unique omelet well, I don’t know if you can say that because it has peppered veggies, chicken and eggs made to excellence, served with hash brown (I ordered for extra, because they were so crisp and yum) and toasted bread.


‘Dil him Malla toast’ goodness of stringy cheese, chicken and mushroom amidst the egg fried bread. Well I almost thought I died and went to heaven. I couldn’t think beyond all that cheese but being a mushroom lover (and of course a chicken lover) when everything comes together in one dish you can only thank (well myself for being such a foodie, and totally ignoring the calories) the chef who made it.


‘Melba Perscia Pancake’ it had a major touch of fruits (peach mostly) with raspberry and chocolate sauce (which you can obviously see) I am not much of a fruit lover but it’s great for any fruit lover.

So forget travelling to Europe or a 5 star hotel just to enjoy a lavish English breakfast. Just head over to Wofl, because with their variety and value for money it is just worth it plus they are open all day to fulfill your cravings (I mean, I would love to have it even in leisure evenings)

Located at rd no 3, Banjara hills, right opp Testa Rossa.

Love Fashioneatista

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