Soda Bottle Opener Wala, Hyderabad 


I know its Monday, and most of you are stuck at work or just got off from work or just sulking because it is Monday (because oh god, we wouldn’t be humans if we dint sulk for Mondays..Bleh)
But today I am going to give you a reason to enjoy your Monday- Soda Bottle Opener Wala. All new café & bar in town (why I love it already? Well it is something fresh and not a hookah lounge) Very vintage in interiors and has all the right elements to make you feel you are just in a old (but posh) Mumbai café. From the play toy-train running along the ceiling, the auto meter and kettle at the bar, the very old radio at the entrance, the clothes hanging on the top, the old and long fans I just can’t stop about the details of the place. I could personally spend a nice day having a chai with a nice book at this place. But I can’t, why? Well the place is buzzing with people, a long wait outside no matter what time of day you go, and either it’s the dhinchak music playing or people inside that typically has a buzzing sound like any place in Mumbai.
The menu is very short and sweet. With interesting names and a major touch of Parsi recipes it was fun to order while sipping on chilled “Sekanje Bin” a perfect way to cool down this summer (it’s basically a parsi inspired drink served in a cute bottle filled with mint and flavor of dried plum) I also tasted “Mrs SodaBottleOpenerwala’s Cold Coffee” (of course I ordered it for the interesting name) but it is defiantly a worthy one. Do not miss out on the famous ‘Irani Falooda” a classic Bombay falooda flavored with strawberry (not too sweet and best substitute for  any drink)


Starting with ‘Aloo Aunty’s Vegetable Cutlet’ which really looked like how aloo aunty would look- round and full of masala (well vegetables mostly). next came what I ordered first, ‘Thick Cheese Masala Fries’ (well I dint know service would be so fats, and I was so hungry I ordered the fries first) nice and crisp, sprinkled with flavorful masala served with cheese dip(guilty, hahaha).my friend out of curiosity ordered ‘Eggs Kejriwal’ ( well, relax, It’s not named after the AAP Kejriwal, well you need to visit the place to know the story behind it ;p) so it was more like sunny side up version but topped on layer of mushrooms and crisp toasts. (Looked lovely, yeah! not a fan of eggs!) Next came ‘Chicken Baida Roti’ I mean being a Punjabi I have tasted almost all types of stuffed parantha’s there are. But this particular parantha which was crisp on outside but still melted in my mouth as soon as I had it, stuffed with chicken keema and egg this- I quote is ‘must try’ at SBOW.

Aloo Aunty’s Vegetable Cutlet
Chicken Baida Roti
Eggs Kejriwal

For Main course in vegetarian, ‘Tomato Cheese Macaroni’ the quantity seemed enough for just one person and tasted safe. All the vegetarians can also go for ‘Berry Pulao’ (caution: it is served so well, you wouldn’t want to ruin it). In Non vegetarian I wanted to try Dhansak (it looked so tempting on the menu) but they dint have it. I mean I was sad, rally but then I went on to try ‘Kolmi Fry’ (a starter) but it was prawns in between layers of fried onions, a crunchy delicacy that made me forget the rest (plus I still had one last slice of baida roti, which I am afraid, has turned my favorite by now)

Berry Pulao_SodaBottleOpenerWala May 2015
Berry Pulao
Kolmi Fy

Coming to desserts 5 star brownie cake was my spot on choice (And boy, do I ever go wrong with desserts? Nahh) it was the best brownie I have had in a while, so fresh and gooey, it was ultimate cherry on top after the entire meal.

5 Star Brownie With Vanilla Ice Cream

Bet as insisted, I wasn’t allowed to leave without tasting the famous “Irani Special Chai” (definitely helped me stay active after all that yummilicious food)

Irani Chai_SodaBottleOpenerWala May 2015
Irani Special Chai

So yeah, all in all a proper café (not serving alcohol yet) with lot of quick bites and fast service. You can visit SBOW at any time of the day and don’t forget to admire the ambiance as much as the food.

Timing: 12 to 11:30
Location: Ground Floor, Niharika Jubilee One, Road 1, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad Ph: 040 68888681

Love Fahsioneatista


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