Makers Of Milkshake, Hyderabad

So Hyderabad keeps getting cooler day by day (well I don’t mean the weather obviously) every month (sometimes even every week) we see something new opening in town.
Well you can imagine my happiness when I spot this crushingly awesome “Makers of Milkshake” just 2 minutes away from my office (already dreaming of substituting my office breaks at this place)
They have wide variety of shakes (definitely very confusing, because when you read the options you will technically go mad) I mean common – Oreo go Nuts, Peanut Butter Banana, chocolate strawberry, toffee oats shake??? You see what I mean! (Drooling)

Well it was a tough call but I decided to taste Toffee Flake Shake (from their special healthy breakfast menu), Chocolate Strawberry (from their VIP lounge) Oreo Go Nuts (on the owner’s suggestion from their VIP lounge again) and Chocolate Brownie (Mentally taking notes of which one to order next time I come)
The wait seemed to be long and I was glad I had company, but when my first drink arrived- the chocolate brownie, I forgot about everything else. It was thick, gooey and best brownie shake ever. Before I could give up and already declare it a winner, my toffee flake shake arrived (which I ordered just out of curiosity to see what they could do with flakes) but (drum rolls please) it was divine. It was something far very unique in taste (god I am never going back to Starbucks again) the prices here are good, they shakes are filling, they have so many options that it will take you a while to even try out all and declare a favorite.

When my chocolate strawberry milkshake arrived I was even more restless to try it out (I mean they all cannot be so amazing right?) WRONG, the taste was burst of flavors, perfectly blended and you can taste tiny toffee shreds in each sip which was nothing I have ever tried before. (Makers of Milkshake!! Where have you been?)


Oreo go nuts is by far their best offering with the twist of two sinful combinations (Oreo and nuts of course) it is one the first thing you should taste at MoM.
Well I have had the most amazing time at this place; with 2 branches they are already making waves with their milkshakes. I can’t wait to go back and try some more of their flavorsome offerings.
So until then all you Hyderbadis go enjoy and don’t forget to show it off to your friends and folks outside city, because Hyderabad just got a lot cooler. 😉
Love Fashioneatista

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