The Gallery Cafe

The Gallery café is a new coffee shop in town and like the name suggests, it’s part of Kalakriti art gallery which has seen some of the best artist of Hyderabad like Laxman Aeley, Rajeshwara Rao, Sachin Jaltare, Priyanka Aeley and Afza Tamkanat; display their creativity. The cafe gets the creative part from some of the most recognized artists. The best part… surprise… everything here is on sale, the paintings, the artistic furniture, books- which of course speak about art and history in form of art and bags and scarf that represent beautiful Hyderabad in pictures (I could go on and on about all lovely and fascinating stuff, that perfectly fits in making it most soulful place in Hyderabad)
I was meeting a friend( my friends love when I ask them to accompany me to try new places, but I guess I am lucky that way, because trust me I know people who are way to judgmental about places even before they have been there or prefer their regular spot all the time.. Bleh) and somehow I was early (yeah not on time but early)

This place welcomes you with art installations- mainly the Buddha statues. When I was waiting there; well I wasn’t really waiting, I was just so engrossed in everything- the art, the colorful chairs (spot the white plat attached to chairs and don’t forget to pose with it) the whole place.  The ambiance is eccentric; anyone can feel the positive vibe that feels up the place. Well I definitely did, in heavy dose, no doubt I spent almost 3 hours their (umm I wrapped up my work early. Is that acceptable? Well visit the place I am sure you will find it acceptable)
Swooned by the fabulous ambiance that is cozy yet inspiring, subtle yet full of art, a place where I can just read a book or have endless conversation with friends (you can also head with your laptop the day you don’t feel like going to work, they have charging station for your electronic devices for almost every table.. there.. I can already see a smile ) I finally managed to have a look at the menu (OMG, they have more than 20 flavours of coffee.. HEAVEN) well don’t worry, they have a irresistible variety of tea, smoothies and like that wasn’t enough- a daily special too (look out for the cookie cart with a board for the day’s special)

IMG_3728After going through the elaborate drink menu I finally decided to go for today’s special – “chillo coffee” (I just couldn’t make my mind from the tempting list) and ordered for some a “Corn Spinach Focaccia Sandwich”  it was stuffing of creamy corn spinach and bell peppers grilled in-between flavored bread served with crispy thick french fries and some good looking salad on the side( it tastes as good as it looks). I also called for “Paneer Paratila Wrap” like the name suggests it was parata tortilla wrap stuffed with curried paneer and served with green chutney which was amazing; and white sauce pasta (I love Italian so in my opinion you can give it a miss and try other yummy dishes)
Me and my friend had a long debate on waffles but I loved them, unlike other places they weren’t too thick on edges and tasted just perfect. We went for plain waffles with honey (but to our surprise it came well presented with fruits- including the seasonal mango. Now that is happiness of getting more than what you expect)

DSC_9176 DSC_9084 DSC_9049
Since we stayed a little loner after our lunch I picked up a book “Lashkar- The story of Secunderbad (oh, I am a huge history buff) we ordered the tempting “Kashmiri Kahwa and Arabic Kahwa”(served with dates). As good it was learning something new about the history the kahwa was even better. (I am a coffee person, and that list of coffee is still on my to-do list, but the first thing I am ordering on my next visit is the kahwa). It has been really long time since I have tasted the real kahwa of Kashmir to recall its taste, but now, this is the taste  I am going to recall for every time I hear kahwa.
The food, the drinks, eclectic décor and most of all the vibe of this place is just amazing. I can’t wait to visit the place again and read another new book, to have another new experience away from the daily hustle.

IMG_3720Address: The Gallery Cafe– Kalakriti art gallery, Road no.10, Banjara Hills. Ph: 09030616161
Do visit and share your experience on instagram@fashioneatista

Love Fashioneatista.


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