In Conversation with Archana Rao

6Her store launch was a classy affair, live music, wine and cheese and lot of fabulous garments adoring the mannequins inside. Dressed in her own label and hairstyle that spoke about her style- classy and feminine; she walked around attending guests and taking compliment of her fabulous collection.
We however fixed an appointment for later to get you all the inside story behind the Archna Rao Label and more about the designer herself.
Everyone starts somewhere, what was your starting point?
Well, for me it all started off with design school. I started design at a point where I didn’t know which creative outlet I should direct myself towards. I got into NIFT and I really began to enjoy what I did. I realized designing products and clothing is what I am good at and that’s when it all started and there was no turning back since.
What is your favorite part of being a fashion designer?
My favorite part has to be the conceptualization behind every collection. I like storytelling and that is what I want to do with every concept. The fabric, textures, styling everything needs to have a reason and that is the major inspiration behind it.
1Tell us about your latest collection.
My latest collection was titled ‘The Apartment’ inspired by an abandoned home in Paris during World War 2, it was only opened up recently and there it was, just the way it was left behind. The inspiration was to bring to life the story of the woman who lived there, her exquisite taste in paintings clothes and furniture. The collection featured women’s wear, menswear in Indian and western as well.
What gives you inspiration for your collection and how do you come up with such casual yet unique names for your collection?
Here again the credit goes to the incredible stories that inspire my collection. In general I’m inspired by vintage collectibles, thrift store shopping, hand me down stories and old photographs.
4Share one of the most important moment or experience from your time involved during vogue fashion fund.
I think the most overwhelming experience had to be the night of the vogue fashion fund finale. I was humbled to have been in the finalist list with such remarkable talent itself. Having won the competition just took me to another level.
What has been the most challenging moment as a designer so far?
As a designer for me, understanding the market and placing myself in the business side of the area took some time but eventually I understood how it works.
7You have taken your time setting up your brand name first and then a store.. Was it a kind of strategy or you just went with the flow?
It was all about timing, I wanted to first understand how my brand is being accepted, and then I showcased my collection in several fashion weeks to establish my label. Only after that I decided to open my flagship store in Hyderabad.
Tel us about Frou-Frou and Archana Rao label (are they different lines or sub brand).
Archana Rao is my main label which showcases exclusive clothing for men and women. Frou Frou Is my sub-brand which showcases ready to wear clothing, stationary and accessories (Bags and shoes)
You have collection for girls, women, men, kids, stationery, bags and shoes.. That’s a whole lot of stuff under one label. What would you say about that?
It’s taken a while to put all of this together and I’m happy it turned out this way.
8 7 9 10Fast 5.
1.Where would you like to take your next holiday to?
2.What is your personal style?
Classic and easy
3.3 things you would never leave home without?
Cell phone, wallet and lip balm
4.If you ever get an opportunity which designer or brand would you like to collaborate with?
I would love to collaborate with a home furnishing company
5.Fashion to you is….wearable art
2Address: 1721, Rd no 12, Banjara Hills, Behind Ratnadeep supermarket. Timing- 11 am to 7 pm
Hope you loved this post.. more coming up soon.
Love Fahioneatista

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