Kavanah –It’s All About The Experience

Some places are meant to be experienced rather than just visiting them for a purpose. The new found gem of a place ‘Kavanah’ is as unique as its name itself. The moment you step into this beautiful place you enter a sense of freshness (because it’s not one of the sheesha lounges that seem to pop every month) its more than a cafe but not as formal as a restaurant. The place is owned by 3 brothers who have expertise knowledge of architecture, fashion and of course food.

The architecture is very European and you will spot that at the very entry, the arch like entrance passage leads you to the in house Patisseries or you can choose to sit or indoors enjoying the beautiful wall art (which by the way portray a group of close friends, now I would love to have something like that on my wall) The Place is soon to have boutique attached which will display some of the best designs and upcoming trends by one of the designer brothers who owns the place.
IMG_5120IMG_5130The place is huge enough to host a pop up or a private get together. Well I for sure love the outer area more for the hard to miss deeply rooted tree called “Firangi Paani” which is beautiful and with the flowers and decorative cages it’s just breath taking. If that’s not dreamy enough it sends out a nice citrus smell post sunset tempting you to lounge around it for hours.
Coming to patisseries part the “Bannofee Pie” is just remarkable. This English dessert combines toffee, bananas and cream on a biscuit base. “Tiramisu” on the other hand was just marvelous, like I was told the tiramisu here doesn’t have coffee as it’s ingredient but almonds instead, well I had to try and it’s just delightful. I was also served “Dark Chocolate and Rum Marquise” which is sure to please even the pickiest eaters. Lastly “Philadelphia Cheese Cake”- unbeatable that just melts in your mouth as soon as you have it (well I love cheese cake and I have definitely tried lot of them this sure is one of the best in city, very fresh and uncompromised).  Their chocolates on other hand are filled with a burst of flavors (they have so much variety you will have to keep revisiting to try them all), even though I am not a big fan of white chocolate what they served me here was pure and sinful and trust me I dint even touch the other chocolate after that.(though I carried them home and tried at least 3 to 4 flavors next day..Yum)
IMG_5183On savory side “Grilled Lamb Croissant” was crispy at its best. Every dish here is well plated, giving you a feel of more than a usual restaurant but also simple and good to its taste. The “Tortilla Wraps with BBQ Chicken Dipped in Seasoned Egg” was a clear winner for me as well as “The Triple Cheese Stuffed Mushroom” in vegetarian side of menu. we also tasted their “Wasabi Tossed Panner Salad on Canapés” Not many restaurants serve canapé-style food, but it sure is the best kind of finger food and this in particular was done beautifully.
IMG_5164IMG_5133 IMG_5141 IMG_5155The place has so much to offer from soon to open professional baking school to a foot spa right in the corner of the place. I can see myself spending hours and coming out with an amazing experience each time.
The food might take a while but when you really look at the place you won’t realize were time flies adoring the little things and deciding in their wide spread of offerings.
With best expertise chefs in the kitchen Kavanah is leaving no stone unturned to be the next best thing in Hyderabad – and I say that with my experience and interaction with the minds behind it.
They know exactly what they want and exactly what we foodies love the most – the delicacies that makes you come back for more.( and they still add keep adding something new every other day, at least that’s what I see on their facebook page every other day)
IMG_5175Don’t forget to try on something from their “special menu”. Trust me when I say it you will have a surprise to enjoy and laugh about it later. Burst of flavours? A message? or experience? Well this you will have to try and find out yourself.
Tempted yet? Go ahead and try the new hot spot Kavanah.
Location: 373, Road No. 10, Opp UCO Bank, Jawahar Colony, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad.
PH: 09010414777

Love Fahsioneatista

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