Msm Box Review

So I was on a holiday last week-off to Mumbai and had some great time with my friend who is soon getting married.
Just before I left I got my first ever MSM(My Style Mile) box and I took it along. Well what better way I thought to try and share the review. Started by a beauty junkie- Bindu, the MSM team is pretty good at curateing products that are more than just skin care and grooming. What I loved the most is the cute box they came in (totally reusable, stack, store or even re-label and use it as a gift box)
My holiday was very relaxing and I got up on my own terms (extremely late you can call it) and lounge around, shop and travel (we did a lot of auto and cab rides, just because we dint get to do it much in Hyderabad).
IMG_5489I must say I was happy with my MSM select box and even gladder to carry it with me (since they were travel size products or you can call sample but good for me). The ‘H20+ Cleansing Water’ was really good for my confused skin (well that type when you apply it becomes oily and when you don’t do anything it goes dry) with all day long walk at colaba and auto rides the cleansing foam was really gentle to my skin, moving dirt and hydrating it (I dint need a moisturizer, also because of the humid weather). Also the ‘Coconut Lime Shower Gel from Mia’ was so good, leaving a hint of pleasant smell after a tiring day(I just have something for things that smell so good, especially at bed time)  The hydrating tissue mask called ‘Masker Aide’ was really good (I used it just before our visit to colaba social – what a place) technically I have always been a fan of these instant glow mask, but this in particular gave my skin a fresh look, and a very soft glow (you know like the glow you get on that filtered apps) definitely one of my favorite one. I said one of my favorite because I was so glad to get a ‘Benefit Pore Fessional’ in my box; I have been using the product for a while and is hands down amazing. It clears the visibility of the pores and you really don’t need much to do after you apply it (just a little blush and mascara does wonders)
My love for lip balms, and lotions is just well- perverse. I can’t tell you how many I have stock up right now (well my mom defiantly doesn’t understand because I am bad at sharing them.. don’t you dare touch my yummy smelling lotion/lip balm..LOL) so yeah the  ‘Natio- Tinted Lip Balm’  was great to carry around during day and I used it daily (still do) before sleeping and woke up with supple lips.
IMG_5491The box also had a pair off bangles, well I gave it to my niece and she really loved it. Looks like the box just made more than one person happy.
Well I really like mine and would definitely try on the other range of box next time. It’s pretty good way to try products for at least a few times so you can decide to by them or not.
You can get yourself a subscription of MSM box right here:
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Love Fashioneatista

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