Extended Summer

1  Hey,
There has been literally no monsoon in Hyderabad this month (no, i don’t count the occasional 60 seconds teasers it comes with once in a week)
So i have still been fooling around with whites and fun floral prints.  I love this particular look because it is a complete go-to look.
I wore this to office (substituting heels for flats and minus earrings, well only if i was working in Cosmopolitan abroad i would not mind them either) and later on I went for an event ( a day launch of new collection of a designer) and i added a little lipstick, heels and statement  earrings  and I was all set for a power look.
The day was long and I met a few friends over for a evening karaoke and dint have to worry about anything (except re-applying lot of mist #sleevelessproblems)
So this look is my yet another summer favorites or call it an all day’r (well ya i might have just created a new word) because with just two changes in the look, i could attend 3 different things from formal to casual and at the same time be comfortable and stylish.




Love Fashioneatista.

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