A Decade of Gourmet – Deli 9

IMG_4975  Hey,

So Deli 9 (d9 how i mostly call it) celebrates 10 years of existence (feeling nostalgic) makes me realise how long it’s been since I first stepped in college (because this was where me and my friends literally spent 3 years of college) well its where almost all the Franciscans (yes I am from St.Francis) spent their time either bunking, working on notes, chilling (And finding the secret bf of that most silent girl or over hearing the dramatic breakup stories Hahahha)

So, I decided to revisit (with so many new places it’s been a while I have been to this place) The place has been revamped; even though the chef’s and staff is still the same (well at least most of them, and it was so heart warming to see they remembered me and were super welcoming)

When it comes to food, the menu has been redone and lots of additions had been made apart from their specialty pastas (my favorite) pizzas and sandwiches.

I started off with their new offering in drink ‘Fresh Fruit Frioska’ it’s a virgin mojito available in flavors of seasonal fruits (I opted for my favorite watermelon). We also ordered ‘Mango Masti’ (Yehhh, I was deeply missing mango, and the name on menu was enough to just go for it) and I was definitely happy with what was served even though I am coming back for more of watermelon frioska.
‘Firangi Samosa’ which had a filing of mushroom and spinach served with mayo dip, crispy outside and perfectly yum inside came first and reminded me of desi samosa i used i have as a kid. What came in next was finger licking good ‘MFC’ which is short for Malabar Fried Chicken was served with sallas and was truly scrumptious.
IMG_4999 IMG_4984
Nachos have somehow lost the charm, well the ‘Outrageous Nachos’ definitely didn’t meet my delight.

However,one of my favorite from the new additions is ‘Chicken 65 Bao’ from their Pao n Bao section, perfectly spicy and tangy, (be careful, you are going to get so lost in it, you won’t realize how messy your face looks). ‘Chicken Shawarma wrap’ filled witch shreds of chicken, crunchy lettuce, tomatoes onions and hummus inside perfectly soft Arabic pita bread was cravings coming to an end. (Since I came back from my trip to Dubai I have been searching for a decent one and let’s say, Hyderabad just doesn’t have many options when it comes to shawarma, but this was definitely a happy find)

Well I was here; and there was no way I was moving out without having my favourite pasta. I ordered for ‘Sundried Chicken Penne Pasta’ creamy, yummy and full of my favourite olives (well I made sure the added extra, on request). No matter what they always have the best pasta in town.
For desserts I opted for their choice, and was served with Gorgeous ‘Tiramisu’ and ‘Blueberry Cheesecake’ made to perfection. The best part about the desserts here is they are always so fresh and never fail to amaze your taste buds.

Happy anniversary Deli 9, hope you keep rocking for another decade.
P.S I miss your sticky Toffee pudding.
Love Fashioneatista.

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