Reinvent Luxury with- ‘Skin Yoga’



I discovered this young skin care brand called skin yoga a while back which is an Indian brand and is derived from traditional Indian beauty routines and elements. (That in today’s time is a definite luxury. Why? Well firstly it’s non chemical, then it saves the trouble of making it yourself and turning your kitchen in some sort of Ayurveda test center and most importantly has power to give immediate results, if you needed one more reason well it was the only source of skin care/ beauty products for royalty and all the beautiful Maharanis)

Saffron, Turmeric, Walnut, Coffee, Green Tea are just few ingredients behind their skin care range. There products apart from being truly natural are rejuvenating and they always keep coming up with something new.  Their description of products and easy access helps to get the best (and fresh) for your skin.

Except for sunscreen and body wash/lotion i try to avoid as many chemical products i can when it comes to skin care. These products give results and i say so because I am writing this after a complete use of my products (and ordering myself some refills)

I really don’t know which amazing product i should start with first, so let me get a little partial and start with the ‘Coffee Scrub’ (all u coffee lovers hold your breath because now you can enjoy the existence of coffee in more ways than just in your cuppa) it’s favorite not only because i can enjoy the aroma of coffee right when I step in my shower but also because this scrub helps in beating cellulite ( those tiny little bumps on your thighs and butt) and most amazing part is after washing it off it leaves your skin nourished and soft (thanks to the essential oil added in this recipe now i don’t need a moisturizing ritual post this) just avoid white towel after.

Coffee Scrub from Skinyoga

I am never falling out of love for this product and it will henceforth be the most important part of my bath essentials (I solemnly swear, like any coffee lover would) I mean imagine all that wonder in just 10 minutes (I use it thrice a week, not because it states so, but thanks to my work were every mooring i am just in a rush to reach somewhere)


Coming to their ‘Saffron Walnut Scrub’ it’s great, and i use it twice a week. The saffron helps lighten the skin (remember how they always show luxurious baths in milk and saffron in  movies and commercials that claim to be pure, well we all know how those soaps are, but this for sure is purest form) The added presence of walnut helps in regeneration of skin and allows good blood circulation ( a good 2 minutes massage while washing it of is what I do to get most out of this product) sandalwood helps with dark spots (the irritating little things that makes us use a lot of concealer, well time to use this and you won’t need that anymore) it also works great as an anti- ageing remedy (great to gift your beautiful mom’s. Trust me they will thank you later)


The ‘Green Tea Mask’ is another amazing product; i have been using it a lot. It leaves my skin really soothed and refreshed. (especially in this confused weather were my skin can’t decide to be oily or dry, this is a great rescue)

Coconut Sea Salt Foot Scrub from Skin Yoga

The ‘Coconut Sea Salt Foot Scrub’ is perfect for pampering your feet at home (while we easily take time out for our face and nails quite often, this particular product is a quick treat for my feet and also helps maintain my pedicured for a longer time) I used it to scrub away the dead cell  (hearing the latest ‘Dhere Dhere’ starring Sonam and Hrithik on repeat mode, I love the song) and washed it off with warm water and voila (I don’t even need a moisturizer after all that goodness of coconut which by far is the best source of pure moisture for your hair to feet) put on your socks and enjoy your day with happy feet.


The ‘Neem Purifier’ (this was the last product i used, because it said post I used it the day i was back from my road trip this weekend and i just needed a shower (at 1 30 in the night) I wasn’t tired but needed to get of the clothes i was wearing the entire day, using public toilets and dining at a very weird dhaba (FYI I love dhaba food, but the sticky weather , absence of sanitizer and dengue rumors made it even worse) even as a kid when i got sick my mom used to add neem to bathing water and i wasn’t more thankful that night to have this at my disposal. After washing myself with some pleasant body wash i went for a handful of scrub and massaged all over (especially my hands , neck and legs ) and rinsed away, all set to get ready for a good night sleep.

I have already ordered my refills, and hope this review helps you orders yours. Its available online and delivers worldwide. Do share your experaince on @fashioneatitsa on Instagram.

Order Here:
Call: +91 9909010886 /+91 9825263646

Love fashioneatista.

My luxurious skin care from Skin Yoga

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