Monochrome Mondays


I am a Monday person, I love Mondays. Sometimes I even have better Monday’s than Friday’s (no, I am not a geek or workaholic) for some reason I always have some great plans or catching up to do on Mondays which makes it even better.
Sometimes I sneak out early to finish my work somewhere else (I just kinda have that liberty). So I did it today too. I escaped to this really beautiful place (involved a nice drive from my office) ordered myself a coffee (with dessert of course and after doing my major work in the first half of day I sat here enjoying my coffee and jotting down my need to do list for the week (for my work, blog and other shit that had to be done)
Monochrome is my favorite fashion (forever trend) and with such hot and humid weather whites are just perfect ( though I can’t wait to go back to layering and dark colors, for now white is my staple)  plus I just try to look good, apart from feeling good, without going overboard. I paired my Zara jeggings (these are revolutionary, I don’t know when i last wore my jeans, since I got them, and it goes with everything from crop tops to tunics. These are my wonder pants) with a nice long white shirt (also used as a shirt dress) and black stilettos from Aldo. My Susan bag is my carry all office bag (reminds me of that little satchel Hermione carried in Harry Potter, well it’s not that small but has everything I need and I mean everything.) This looks sober enough for office, classy enough for meeting and perfect for my Monday! IMG_4155



Its good to spend time with yourself just know the difference between being lonely and in solace. once a week try spending time with yourself, to know more, have more fun and trust me that the best kind of exploring and self pampering one can gift to them self.

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Love Fahsioneatista.

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