Lunch Date at Olive BIstro

It’s weekend and here I am taking you all to lunch date with me to one of the most beautiful places in town Olive Bistro.
Well I have been unwell for last 10 days but now I am back with a bang and first thing I wanted to do was eat good food (let’s say chicken and some major cheese and yummy food.. That’s a lot of tasteless-food-while-I-was-sick talking) and a good ambiance is added perfection.
The decor is very Greece, the doors, tables whole white and blue ambiance with fresh yellow flowers at every table sparks freshness; set amidst nature and hills  surrounded by a beautiful lake on one side, it’s just wonderful.  Sunsets and sun downers are as rocking (and romantic) as is the bright sunny brunch.
I suggest this place to every friend who is in courtship (it’s great for family outings as well just make sure you book your table in advance for the lot).

This place has best mojito’s in town ‘Plum and Passion Fruit Mojito’ is my favorite, in cocktails we ordered for the famous ‘Lota Drink’ (as the name suggest it, is served in a very cute lota with ice towering on it like a ice berg) we also called for much recommended ‘Avalanche’.


For starters we went with ‘Mild Cheddar, Corn & Jalapeno Cakes’ these are must order if you have a vegetarian company (once u loose the crispy layer it all just melts in your mouth leaving cheesy yet tangy flavor) and so is ‘OB Falafel & Mezze’. One thing that i love about this place is that each dish tastes very authentic. The platter includes hummus, tzatziki with falafels & homemade pita. Also try their ‘Summer Mengo & Jalapeno Salad’ while you wait for your main course or just enjoy it with your choice of drink.


Twice Cooked Chicken Wings’ made with homemade barbecue sauce is by far the best (be ready to turn all messy and lost in foodgasmic world and no, don’t even try to use that fork, it loses its essence)  ‘The Ob Classic Margherita’ pizza is classic combination of aroma tomatoes, basil & mozzarella drizzled with generous amount of extra virgin olive oil. It is a total bliss for pizza lovers, the thin crust and overload of cheese is heavenly.  ‘OB Fish & Chips’ and along with ‘Overnight Braised Chicken Legs’ makes for a perfect gastronomical day.

For desserts i went for ‘Melon & Vanilla Panna Cotta’ which has watermelon & mint sorbet, honey comb as their main ingredients and is absolute delight for your taste buds; and just when we thought we were done, there came the cherry on top for the evening- ‘OB Insanity Cake Slice’ bistro’s heartiest offering with multiple layer of dark chocolate mousse, orange flavored white chocolate mousse & red currant mousse layered b/w two varieties of moist genoise & coco sponge, finished with farm fresh vanilla cream & caramelized to perfection.


My companions were at real delight and stuffed to core, all we needed to do was get some sleep but to beat it all we headed for a long drive ending the day with a nice bowling game.
Location: Road No. 46, Jubilee Hills, At Kona’s Durgam Cheruvu, Hyderabad.Ph:69999127

Have a happy weekend lovelies,
Love Fashioneatista

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