Diwali Diva


Firstly hope you had a fantastic Diwali and played safe. My Diwali was an amazing one (also because it came with a extended weekend) it was a big fat family affair (I kept post Diwali weekend for my friends, were i gifted them some amazing personalized jars… I say that coz they were so yum… see my Instagram for pictures)
My home smelt so good ; thanks to my recent purchase of  room freshener  from Forest Essentials, it always smells like a five star hotel room; the table was always set with some great things ready to serve the ongoing visits of guest. 3 days of festivals, i almost enjoyed wearing Indian and matching jewelry that is because i usually hate it)


What I wore for the grand Diwali day however was a customized subtle pink gown with an elaborate soft net flare and hint of much loved floral detailing at the top. I paired it with Simran Chabhra earrings and some thread and Swarovski bangles which i picked from Aldo ages ago and were perfect for the occasion.
Twirling around the house the entire day, decorating every corner with flowers and lighting the diyas as i had a great time celebrating and entwine myself with all traditions and rituals. Not to forget burning of some negativity and welcoming days ahead with positivity and full of light.

Happy festive season to you all, keep your negativity at bay and bring in the light, because you are the only one who can shine inside even when the world around seems dark.


Love Fashioneatista.

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