Sunday Brunching


I have had such a long maddening week (at work of course) usually Sunday’s  for me is getting up almost mid day and making a to do list for my week (especially month end since I don’t have time to breathe since all my work is based in deadlines and it need really carful time management) and just go out for family dinner.

So today as my last day to be relaxed (no I am not over reacting but this is my last day to chill off until next 15 days, and for a person like me who is always here and there is little difficult, hahaha) okay so I woke by 1 dressed up in this pretty grey maxi, much thanks to the cozy weather it was just perfect paired with my rose gold and white flatforms (from a store at palladium in Mumbai at my last trip). I went for black sling bag ( forever new)and tassel chain (forever 21) to add to the look.

I planned a lunch with my girls, went bowling and then spent entire evening chilling (so this happens to me, when I am stressed or tierd I become hyperactive. I don’t like to sleep it off, I like to go out and have as much fun I can and then stay late watching all the new episodes online and go to plan my schedule and sleep it off. Yeah that’s my idea to blow it off, I am not much of a party person.. But more like chilling person)

For lunch I went to United Kitchens of India and gulped the most amazing ‘Brownie Shake’ with ‘Malai Broccoli’ (my favourite) some ‘Angara Kebabs in non vegetarian (something about pretty places and well served food is what I love) and ‘Corn Pattis’ (I am really confused it was called that but that was chefs suggestion so we totally went for it and it was crispy best) we also ordered ‘Virgin Mojito’ (some how that’s what the first thing I order no matter where I go, always)

Hope you enjoyed your Sunday and have a stress free week ahead. Do share your Sunday stories on Instagram @Fashioneatista 😘

Love Fashioneatista.

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