So its December and finally the fashion i love- Layering is all back. Hyderabad doesn’t get chilly but it gets very pleasant and a little cold too (at times), just as much to enjoy the late night hot chocolate or long drives with your sweatshirts on (even though the hardest debate of my life in winter is probably to decide to take off or to go office.. every damn morning)
This outfit post is dedicated to most loved, comfortable style (well at least for me).Plaid/flannel shirts have been spotted on almost every celebrity. This fashion piece has become a wardrobe staple, and is a must have this season
I paired it up with my favorite Zara (skinny) pants or jeggings (whatever you call it, its the best thing ever), fringe bag and lots of silver bubbles (which i have been collecting over years), not to forget my Marsala boots (i have been dying to put them on, and i am so happy because they  to finally share it with you guys)

Flannel shirt- Forever 21, pants -Zara, shoes-Forever 21, Bag-Avec Amour Bags, Coffee- just kidding


One of my friend says flannel shirts are to boyish (well its comfortable and effortless, if that is what she means then i am totally okay with it) but styling it right will give you a perfectly feminine look.
So, to balance a plaid shirt, pair it with skinny jeans,  tights or shorts. Add some rings and throw in a chain and you are all set to rock the look. Layer it on a simple tee like i did, and leave the top unbuttoned over it. Tie it around your waist or just pair it with some sneakers or boots with shorts (i wouldn’t mind a bowling hat too.. hahahha). Go ahead and take you pick.

Enjoy this cute comfy outfit style and share your look on Instagram @fashioneatista.

Love fashioneatista


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