My Christmas Outfit


Merry Christmas everyone!

Christmas and New Year’s Eve are one of my favorites after Diwali. Why? Because even if it’s India, Christmas decor welcomes you everywhere you go, there are Christmas carols, tree lightnings, special shows and menus, not to forget a lot of places that have Christmas themed desserts.

The best part about Christmas is also that celebrations begin way in advance and the vibe lasts almost an entire month, giving a very festive and nostalgic vibe. Apart form being the last festival of the year it brings in lots of love, joy of sharing and gratitude.
I spent my morning at this beautiful place ‘Eclaire ‘ which was (obviously) decorated with a beautiful Christmas tree (as a i kid i used get one every year and shop crazily for all cute little hangings but with my work, which by the way i am doing today too- no holiday in Christmas? Ya that’s me) So i made sure i catch up with a friend for a morning coffee and dessert and head to work post that.
I wanted to dress up, so i picked this flowy skirt and picked a pastel pink top with petal embroidered collar; pairing it with pearl earrings and ring. My Steve Madden nude pumps added to my outfit giving it a chic look.

Hope you all are dressing up in pretty dresses and have a Merry Christmas and happy new year with your friends and family.Don’t forget to share your Christmas and new year stories with me in Instagram @fashioneatista

Load of love and good wishes


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