Free Flow: Traffic Bar



Hope you guys are having an amazing Sunday, i sure am. If you guys are still figuring out where to head this evening then i have to suggest you this new place ‘Free Flow : Traffic Bar’ a one of a kind concept place (one of the first I have encountered in the city) which is just amazing.


From carefully detailed interiors, to amazingly served dishes (they are also one of the first to take care of your emergencies be it a dress tearing apart, the cold weather or emergency chum situation.. Are you reading this ladies? Basically they  are all in to keep their customers comfortable and stay as long as YOU want) not to forget the view that overlooks entire KBR park and no matter what the weather is its always pleasant up here.

Coming to food their ‘Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian platters’ come with a well assorted options that include ‘Spicy Mushrooms’ to ‘Malai Brocli’ and ‘Chicken Wings’ to ‘Fish Fingers’. Their kebabs are just scrumptious but the ‘Chicken Steak’ we ordered was a little hard and could have been more tender, it was accompanied by mash potato and grilled veggies.



My friend loved the ‘Bheja Fry’ which she has been craving for weeks and was completely satisfied with flavors and the bun that made it a good main course option. Their ‘Fiery Fries’ are very desi version of French fries but- better in taste (so good that I would definitely rate it as a must try)


Well I have been to this place thrice already and the first thing i order is their ‘Bong Mocktail’ (if you have been following my blogs you would know my weakness for well presented-food looking drinks) and fries. We also tried their ‘Kheema Pao’ which is very good.


The only thing which i found a little unimpressive is the portion of dishes (very less for the way it’s priced so kind of comes heavy on pocket if you plan to come too often) But what is also fascinating is the variety- from street food options to thalis they have up to 300 option in their menu. So hop on and enjoy this all new place.

Location: 3rd Floor, Plot 566, Road 92, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad Ph: 040 33165734

So try this place and share your experience in instagram @fahsioneatista. Have a great week ahead.

Love Fashioneatista


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