Pink Mud- A Pretty Mess


Hope you guys are having a great week, well just 1 more day to weekend guys..Keep it strong. Today I am going to share with you my review on India’s own (future) Victoria secret (well in terms of mists and perfumes for sure)
Pink Mud is an Indian brand started by power of like-minded girls too meet the much needed gap of well priced yet quality product in fragrance sector. If you follow me on Instagram you will know how obsessed i am with hand creams and mists. So i ordered myself their cute little bucket  treat-an assortment of their EDT’s, body mists and deo (I ordered it few months back so might not have the bucket but even better packages, after all I use it thoroughly before sharing my reviews)
The first thing i saw were the cute little boxes, Pink Mud calls it “Pops on the Go” and are available in two variants – “Black Striper Pack” and “Pink Checkered Pack”. Each of these pops contains two 20 ml perfumes. The pops looks so cute and fun, you can also buy them separately for keeping it in your bag. (They were two strong for me, and i might not go for it again, but well fragrance is a very personal choice)

Coming to the main product, the “Pink Mud Foxy EDT”. I personally love the bottle – it’s quirky and fun. The cap is like a big solitaire (they definitely got the-girls love diamonds way seriously, i might even save the bottle now that it’s almost done) the fragrance is very sweet very floral. Something you can wear on a fun day out with girls to special occasions, it has a very unique fragrance and it’s not something you will
Price:- Rs.499/- for 50ml

The mist i got Is “Lacy Body Mist” which is like aqua in a bottle, it’s not so fancy bottle but the magic lies within it (it’s tough and great for n the go, i have carried it everywhere and reused it,around the day for a dash of freshness) The fragrance is just a puff of freshness on skin with a hint of vanilla and fruity aroma (use it as soon as you step out of shower and let it linger, use it again directly on skin whenever you need, because just like you skin your odour needs to be under check)
Price: – Rs.299/- for 236ml

“Sexy EDT” as the name suggests has a very tantalizing and mysterious fragrance. I have worn it to parties were my friends couldn’t stop asking about it, expecting it to be some high end (and over priced perfume) but were really glad to know it was affordable treat just a click away.
Price:- Rs.499/- for 50ml

Do check their Facebook for latest offers and special offers. It a great product to gift your love or pamper yourself being easy on your pocket and getting lot of real thank you (after all everyone likes a gift that they can actually use)

Buy: Amazon , Flipkart or there own cool website Pink Mud
Love Fashioneatista.


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