Vintage Musings


Kettled flowers, endless hours,
Old wallpapers & unread news papers;
Chequered tiles, vintage dials
Time flies with longing in her eyes;
Dreams burned, feelings churned,
But she smiled, for she knew he wouldn’t last a mile.
(yeah i did come up with that, one of my first but hopefully not last)


There is something about the whole vintage vibe that makes me fall in love with it, apart from always wishing i was part of yesteryear’s there are a lot of things beyond fashion, that amaze me; the architecture, the grace with which the women carry themselves (i mean yeah people are good today but everyone has their own attitude and lets be real more punk /loud is more loved these days be it fashion or people)

I spent my Sunday afternoon at ‘Soda Bottle Opener Wala’ the vibe they have here is of a vintage Mumbai cafe. I love every detail about the place, the train running around the ceiling, the way food is served, musical jukebox and let’s just not miss food. Wondering where time is flying (since few days back i was wondering what to do on new year’s eve and here i am sitting ready to welcome February..ALREADY!)

Ready to move ahead i have, for the first time made a bucket list of things. Not sure if they all need to be checked off this year or this life. Well i am usually a spontaneous person, i do things when i want to and not really wait for a good time to do it- and no i have never regretted it. Well that’s the trick never regret things you do, either way it’s a memory or a lesson. But now i am just falling short of things, i really wonder if that’s a good thing or i am leading an extra bountiful life. Well yes in every way i am grateful and here is to another month and new memories


Picture Credit: Shrey Photography (Hyderabad) cape: Splash, Bag: Michel Kors, Shoes: Intoto.

Hope you have a happy February and never stop musing around.
Love Fashioneatista.

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