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So this week i visited INV Home for blog collaboration and must i say i was stunned with this beautiful store the moment i entered. Already existing in capital, Mumbai and Chandigarh the store has now ventured in city of Nawab’s (known for rich design and heritage) offering eccentric and luxury design space (beware this post might really make your longing for redesigning your space come true)

Fancy, sophisticated and lust worthy i wanted to pick a piece for every corner of my home. Some stores just make you want to redo your whole space just for the love of decor. It’s an enchanting spread over two levels offering, luxury interior options from dinning to cutlery, home textiles to furniture and art deco to lightening.

I really think a person’s home (be it rental or your own) really expresses an individuals’ taste and persona. Be it for designing your home or giving your bedroom the face-lift, vitality, and vibrancy it’s begging for… INV Home should be your one stop shop!

Our homes are the solitude in the chaotic world and anything we spend on is an investment well made so this is one expense you shouldn’t worry about! You’ll find something you love (international designs) that no one else has. From beautiful lamps to show pieces, glittering (and distinctive patterned) cushions, rugs (or carpets that add really cosy feel) the details accessible at the store will lit up any dull space (talk about statements pieces and styles that will turn into conversation starters).

Customized for today’s modern lifestyle, the store induces an exceptional sense of new age fusion. There’s something to satisfy the demands of a varied range of clientele. From the perfect walk in set up to tiny details i would dare you to leave empty handed from the luxury lifestyle store.

Blogger Tip: like fashion interior decor also has its own trend, and this year it’s all about experimenting and mixing metals. Mix and match both colours and textures against each other to get away from staged décor and give homes a more natural aura. Some common combinations that will be seen include champagne silver with bronze, copper with chrome and silver with tones of bronze.









DSC_0350 DSC_0237

DSC_0240 DSC_0172


P.S: Also thank you to the amazing Team at INV who really extended their warmth and welcomed to explore very tiny detail of the store. Don’t forget to share your response and images of your most loved space on Instagrm @fashioneatista

Location: INV Home, Hyderabad. Photographer: Arpita Patel

Website: Facebook: INV Home, Instagram: Inv_home

Address: Road no. 12, Banjara Hills,Hyderabad.  PH:0 4066757677

Love Fashioneatista

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