China Bistro


It’s been a crazy week and i decided to indulge in some food (for change) that is not actually on my usual list. Well let’s just say i love Italian over anything (Biryani doesn’t count, its epitome of everything)    Hyderabad blogger,   Hyderabad, lifestyle blogger, fashion, style, blogger, Indian blogger, 2016
The Chinese (food)  lovers on the other hand has a reason to rejoice with “China Bistro” in town, after a successful feat in Mumbai they have entered the Hyderabad food paradise with nothing but the best. The ambiance is very charming and so is the warm service staff.  Hyderabad blogger,   Hyderabad, lifestyle blogger, fashion, style, blogger, Indian blogger, 2016IMG_7521
Helping us what to choose while we sipped on some tea, we started off by ordering and ‘Crispy chicken Cheong Fun’, ‘Veg Cheong Fun’ these were just amazing the gooey (gel like) texture outside leads into a total surprise off crispness inside, the flavors with added sauce are just tantalizing.
Next came ‘Chicken Satay’ light in flavors but very well cooked. I am a more of flavourful person so i will probably give this a miss next time. Before our next dish came in we were surprised with cute buckets that  had ‘ Lychee sorbets’ trust me i almost forgot there was more food coming and finished the icy surprise until the last drop (well that is what became of it in the end…)
Next came in these beautifully rolled  very crispy, saucy and just too yummy to put into words. This is a must try and i promise it will blow up your senses. For main course we stuck with ‘Hot Pot Noodles’ well disaster stuck as we had to return it because of ‘no salt’ issue but the ‘Apple Martini’ kept us busy until the desserts.
‘Chocolate Tsunami’ was the star of our meal, it was as sinful as it looked, the perfect mousse with chocolate sauce dripping all around it. Heaven in a plate.
Hope you visit soon and don’t forget to share your experience with me by tagging me on facebook or instagram @fashioneatista

Love fashioneatista





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