Paper Boat- Tasting Memories


When paper boat mailed me about the goodie box being dispatched I was excited, I went through their website which is so dreamy, in the sense that it transports you to all the memories that as a kid (and even our secret indulgence as adults amidst this busy world helps us get in touch with our inner kid) was fun (like what? Bursting the bubble wraps, listening to stories when lights went out, sleeping under the stars when you went to stay with grandparents, making paper boats for water puddles, making tents form bed sheets, endlessly blowing soap bubbles, and my favourite was hurdling all friends for outdoor games post tuitions and playing till we beg our parents for last few minutes a million times… I really need to call few of my lost in touch friends now!)

When I opened the pretty box it looked like a box of colored surprise. The bottles packed in cute shapes (reminded me of those 1 Rs/- colored Pepsi packet sold outside school…just the cooler version) had flavors like ‘Aamras’, ‘Jaljeera’, ‘Jamun kala khatta’ and ‘Aam panna’

Aamras: Reminds me of all summers as a kid, the season of mango meant treat and family reunions for a whole wide long month. Aunts visiting us, cousins everywhere, going to grandmas for holidays..Family time in total Hindi movie style. Every dessert and sweet forgotten, it was Aamras, mango pudding, mango sorbet, mango pudding, aam ka achaar… Basically everything mango; day and night. The house was filled with the fragrance as my mom filled the bucket of water with mangos.
Taste: sweet and pure delight to senses.

Aam Panna: Reminds me of huge barnis my grandma used to make while she used to prepare achaar, and I used to sneak of lot of raw mangos to eat later. This drink brought a lot of memories with her and I am going to toast this drink and share it with my family in her memory
Taste: Perfect balance of sweetness, sourness and spiciness.

Jamun kala khatta : I really don’t have any specific memories with it, except the fact that I am the only person in my family who likes it and also the weird fact that when anyone asked my mom what you had  when you where expecting  her (me) she said jamun (in a typical.. kya khake paida kiya hai…hahahahah)
Taste: spicy, tangy, sweet and delectable

Jaljeera: summer favourite drink to beat the heat, almost customary in Indian house hold. I remember when we came back from school, or when dad came back home for lunch or long day after work, even guests were delighted with this chilled drink
Taste: just like a mom made drink with love.

Blogger tip: It’s great for parties, no need to waste any glasses, be it party for kids or adults; they will all enjoy sipping from the pouch. Just remember to refrigerate well in advance.

For the classier affair, you can use serve them chilled in glasses and also garnish them with suitable elements for each drink; fresh coriander for jaljeera, grinned black pepper for jamun kala khatta , tip the glass of aamras with a piece of mango and for aam panna well let’s just the raw mango peel or pieces should do the trick.


They also sent me ‘The Jungle book’ as excited i am to watch the movie, this came well in advance before its release and i took it on myself, not just to revisit my memories but also read it to my nieces and make new memories this summer.



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So chuck the aerated drinks this summer and enjoy these yummlicious drinks, available at most of the supermarkets around you. Happy drinking!


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