Glokal Junction- Go Local

Glokal is the new favorite in town; the place has a very modern vibe and even better mix of food. Thinking global but presenting local is what the place is all about. The weekend just got better as we sipped away the signature drinks and tasted the best, suggested by chef. Exclusively curated platters helped us taste better and more.

The Chaat, yes they serve chat, well dint i say they have the most desi tadka to the place, well food is the main element to it. What we tried was thin crust vegetarian pizza that’ll remind you of the Papdi Chaat available in the streets of North India.

The vegetarian platter  included “Peanut & Tamarind marinated Cauliflower, Broccoli and Baby Potatoes, Wild Mushroom & Cheddar Kebabs, Grilled Paneer with Red Onions & Bell Peppers in Peri Peri, Broccoli with English Mustard and Cheese” looked and tasted really nice, broccoli was in a new flavor form regular malai ones we get, but on the whole it was pretty decent. Well i was waiting for my non vegetarian platter so let’s just get to it.

In Non vegetarian platter we were served portions of “Lazeez Chicken Cheese Kebabs, (now before i move ahead i can’t wait to tell you how sinfully amazing it was, the yummy kebabs with oozing flavor of cheese, it is the best item they have on their menu, which i definitely say everyone must try) Churrasco Chicken Plate Steaks, Jose Chicken Kebabs (wonderfully juicy), Street Satay (it was good but i felt there could be more flavor to it),  Mint & Coriander Marinated Chicken Drumsticks, Reshampatti Spice Botis, LGBT Prawn Skewers,  Salt n Pepper Grilled Shrimps” well sea food is really good and the options are just incredible, well that goes for everything form veg to non veg to Drinks

The drinks menu features many of the regular delights as well as a handful of carefully crafted signature cocktails. My favorite is a strong, whisky based cocktail called Black Magic, which is essentially a Smoked Old Fashioned without the sweetness. It’s served in a rather ominous looking glass that’s shaped like a skull. The Mirage is another vodka based cocktail that is served in a golden, pineapple-shaped vessel.

Chef also served us “Coorgi Murgi Dry Fry,  Sriraja Jhinga Koliwada” well these two especially the jhinga were outstanding, with a hint of lemon i added on top and its crisp texture  it was just foodgasmic until the last bite.

Thank god to the small portions we had place for desserts but what we weren’t expecting was more than one of them… we were sent to heaven just seeing the four very different and diverse flavors “Masala Chai Panacotta (its light and perfect for people how don’t really like extra sweet dessert. served with biscuit crumb topping i sure enjoyed it) Firni Crème Brulee, Kalkatta Paan Cheese Cake (sinful, that sure is one thing i am ordering every time i am there), Toxic Mousse”


LocationGround Floor & First Floor, Niharika One, Road 1, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad.

Have a super awesome weekend.
Love Fashioneatista.

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