Wok Republic, Hyderabad

IMG_9414IMG_9419IMG_9427I just can’t wait for the weekend, work has been maddening past 1 and half week, I just knew I had to treat myself with some yumminess today (only stress buster… don’t judge) So I ordered myself some ‘Wok Republic’ from my- to try list and boy I was amazed right from the packaging.

Quick, filling and tasty with the feeling of having it delivered to you at your work place… unbeatable! Wok Republic is perfect for a quick on the go meal.

‘Kimchi salad’ from wok was kind of a disappointment, I love kmichi salad otherwise (hell that’s the only salad I really like) but what I got was some cabbage, carrots and cucumber with overly leaking sauce. I was excited but totally disappointed, so you can skip that.

I ordered 2 starters ‘The Revolutionist’  (veg)which is chef’s special and a radical twist to spring rolls served with sweet chilli dip. Hot amazing with perfect filling inside it was so enticing, that I gulped down 3 pieces hysterically. The other starter, non vegetarian; was scrumptious ‘Sound of drums’ the basic chicken drumstick tossed in chilli garlic sauce, apart from the fact that I like all things garlic, the chicken drums where just tangy, saucy and just soooo crisp.. On point!

Next came the ‘Pad Thai’ from their set box menu which is the traditional Thai dish of flat noodles tossed with Thai sauce & herbs topped with nutty peanuts. It was not that spicy but very flavourful, the nut put added to crunchiness amidst all the soft tangy goodness.

The pricing is very reasonable, quantity wise it’s generously filling and boxing is extremely cute. All in all it was an amazing experience and i am definitely ordering again (oh well they do in-house dining too)

With 3 outlets they sure are working around to spread ‘wok’ flavours everywhere. Share your experience on @fahsioneatista on instagram.

Location: Shop 6, Lumbini Amrutha Chambers, Nagarjuna Circle, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad. Ph: 33165141
Have a Happy weekend.

Love Fahsioneatista.

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