Food Walk by Swiggy Hyderabad 


Today I went for one of my first ever food walk in organised by Swiggy. Until last night i wasn’t really sure if i would really make it since they asked us to assemble at 7:30 (I’m not a morning person, but i guess food was enough motivation) lifestyle blogger, Hyderabad

The Food walk was organised of 4 famous places in old City –Charminar, another reason why i really wanted to go.  Even being a localities, the last time i visited Charminar was 4 years back (for the reason everyone goes- to show off the tourist spots to your visiting relatives) I think food walk are just amazing, your senses come alive as you encounter many captivating sights and sounds (and a place like Charminar is just so full of it). It is a great way to indulge in enticing food, and know more about places and its legacies.

We all (all as in more fun and experienced foodies) assembled at ‘Nimra Bakery’ one of the oldest and most famous for ‘Chai and Osmania Biscuit’ center, well they serve much more than that but this is what it is known for. If you have been following me you will know i am not a chai fan, but i was all in to try, a little too sweet for me but what i loved was the freshly made ‘tie biscuit’, crisp layers just melt tin your mouth.


Next we walked towards “Govind Dosa” passing Charminar and obviously clicking a lot of selfie’s and pictures. Govind dosa is yet another famous place for idly-dosa, in a very ‘not so south’ style. The special ‘Cheese Dosa’ is slapped with layer of butter and cheese with paste of veggies and served crisp with chutney. We also tried ‘Fried butter idly’, which is pan fried in butter, anions coriander and of course some spices.. MUST TRY


Ur next stop was “Nayaab Hotel” a place that offers authentic Hyderabadi cuisine for 3 generations now. The place opens at 4 am and what they offer  is no light meal, they serve everything from ‘Bheja Fry’ ‘Paya’ ‘Nahari’ (tastes best with their double roti) they have  a lot to offer, what matters is how much can you eat! I loved the bheja fry the most and undoubtedly all dishes where perfect to its taste. Hyderabad blogger, food walk Hyderabad



We winded up with the best ‘Jalebi’ in town, also ‘Saffrom Tea‘ too milky for me again( if only i was a tea lover) with the scorching heat and such long walks (after eating so much) was just impossible. So two of our fellow foodie bloggers took it up on themselves and brought the jalebi to us, which was served with ‘Malai’, let’s just say it was a truly desi end to truly desi food walk (by now all i could imagine was A/c and bed)

All in all it was a great culinary experience and even better meeting the other foodies. Thank you Swiggy.

Have a great week ahead.

Love fashioneatista.

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