Indian fashion market is booming with young designers, be it clothes, bags accessories…. There is no shortage of fresh designs, art and creativity; keeping in mind the quality and pricing. These young designers aim to offer exclusivity at an affordable price. They are meeting the huge gap that existed between our pockets and desire to own a designer piece.

What I also love, or let’s just say the best part about these designers is that they are going out of way to use the home-grown resources be it metal, cloth or even design technique.

One such designer is Pallavai Kandoi who has carved a niche for herself through her vibrant designs and experimental cuts. Her Label  “Meraki” imparts feminism with element of free spirit. The details of pleating, cut outs, prints are so pretty you will fall in love with them instantly.  The brand plays around with the tie and dye techniques used extensively throughout her collection and they keep trying to experiment with something new in every collection.

Her brand explores the lanes of Jaipur and its vicinity, taking inspiration from it and put in ideas together. The colours are vibrant and bright, the fabric used are 100% cotton and silk or blend of the two; keeping in mind the fall of fabrics and their wear ability.

From the Designer: “ Meraki, a Spanish word means creating something with the soul, love, and creativity. The label is an indo-western clothing line using local materials and skills, taking inspiration from all that surrounds us to make a product that simply connects with people. The brand follows a generic concept of colouring the material.

Born in Jaipur, Meraki brings to you a range of oil colour dyed resort wear. Our inspiration comes from the bright hues of the dessert, the waves that are made by fluttering wings of a bird, swirl in the cloud or even a ripple in a pound. Our roots belong to Rajasthan where we can reach deep in the surface to quench our creative thirst.

The brands forte is marbling and tie & dye technique. Marbling is a hand dying technique which I have been experimenting since my childhood, then as a part of my art & craft classes and today in my designs. Play of colours on the fabric makes every print, a unique design in itself as it is all hand dyed and it would only be sheer luck to make a replica of any design again- hence only one piece, for our customers”

I am in love with her collection, its dreamy and sophisticated, this particular pink dress can be worn in many ways, wear it as a tunic, with shorts, a cover up for a beach party or as a dress for brunch, on holiday or a function, it can be styled in more than one way (therefore every penny spent is rightly utilized) all in all the cherry on the top is the fit and material used which is perfect for every Indian season (accepting that part of the day, especially in Hyderabad is always summery)







Keep up a tab on my Instagram page Fashioneatista because every time I repeat this outfit it’s going to be a different style; also follow Meraki on Instagram Meraki by Pallavikandoi for all the updates about her collection. You can also mail email your queries and orders on

Have a happy weekend.

Love Fashioneatista


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