Autumn Leaf Cafe

Some places are too pretty to put in words. Autumn Leaf Cafe is a backyard homely cafe which reminded me of my favorite book  ‘The secret garden’ well like the name suggest it’s a story about a secret garden that a lonely little girl finds and makes it her source of happiness (it’s a must read) amidst her frenzied life.

In this busy and chaotic life when you bump into an almost secret place (almost because, a word of good place spreads like a sweet fragrance. Quick and tempting) it’s a delight. It’s not every day that a cafe becomes known more for their stunning architecture than their food. I can spend all my time here; work here, chill here and if i was lucky in love I would have all my dates here too.

We started of with a welcome drink -orange juice served in a cute little jar, sipping it away while i basked in the joy of landing up at this place. On recommendation the soups that we ordered were- ‘Albondigas Soup’ (my favorite), ‘Hungarian Mushroom Soup’ (also delightful, i love mushrooms, so a good creamy mushroom soup always tops my list) i really loved the soups and also the other options available on menu seemed very interesting, you can see the effort of mixing new flavors to basic ingredients.


I enjoyed the ‘Barbecue Wings’, lip-smacking and piquant, i could finish the entire portion by myself. ‘The Spinach and Corn Dip’ was too bland for my taste and i dint really enjoy the ‘Chicken cheese Burger’ either. The veg starter ‘Goat Cheese Phyllo Puffs’ was something like i have never tried before; it is exceptional with a crispy texture that leads to a melt- in-the mouth surprise.  In desserts their ‘Fried Oreo’s’ are just too good to be true, served with ice cream, it is a perfect end to a perfect meal.



They have a lot of appetizing breakfast options as well along with some healthy alternatives for those who are conscious about fitness. All in all I love the place I am surely visiting soon to grab a coffee and just laze around with a good book.

So don’t wait for the weekend, the good weather is here, so drive up to autumn leaf cafe and take pleasure in your time.

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Satpreet Kaur

I like to believe I have a fine taste and a palate for luxury. For me sipping a hot ginger tea in a quaint café on a mountain hill is as luxurious as a hot tub bath in tower suite. Come read on and explore with me, my idea of luxury. Read about best hotels, designers, food and beauty. While I am the one creating content on here, don't forget to stop by the in-conversation page, where I have some really interesting people share about their work and life. Hope you enjoy my page, I have created it with a lot of passion and keep coming back, there is always some freshly brewed content here.

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