Ice Creamery



The ice cream selection was unavoidably exciting at Ice Creamery- the latest ice cream place in Hyderabad. The cute little British inspired place, had ice creams laid out in colors of spring in the form of consumable awesomeness (too many words right?? but I was excited… duh!! its ice creams’ after all)

They had a whole, long row of exciting flavors, and a bunch I had never seen before. “I TRIED THEM ALL” (well technically reviewing it as a food blogger so i could write this for all of you) and you know what every ice-cream/gelato I tasted was so inimitable I dint really feel the tsunami of flavors in my mouth but could enjoy each of them.

They have flavors like Chocolate Mint, Vanilla Bean, Mint Orange, Chili Chocolate, Coconut And Palm Jaggery, Mango, Jaumn, Dark Chocolate, Maple Walnut, Coffee, Coconut, Coffee (Sorbet-Dairy Free), Pineapple (Sorbet- Diary Free) Chocolate(Sorbet-Dairy Free), Mango(Sorbet-Dairy Free) and Strawberry + Balsamic Vinegar

My personal favorite(S) however are the Lemon (it was the day special so I don’t know if it will available but if it is, then you must try it) then there is Vanilla Oreo which is just so good and last but not the least Dark Chocolate (you won’t stop until you end up with a sugar high.. well I did)

They are coming up with new flavors every day, try and testing (to our delight) but their main aim is to cater the people who are ready to experiment with a wider pallet of flavors and also give something to be nostalgic abut … like Bon-Bon and soon to come ice cream sandwiches too (let’s hope it’s soon)

From cute little interiors to seating arrangements, kid’s special Popsicle to truffles, they have a lot to offer that you have to try. So this weekend head to Ice Creamery and don’t forget to share your picture and tag them and  follow your only Hyderabad food blogger (and fashion blogger) for all latest updates on Instagram and Facebook.

They have options of small and large cups priced 110/-&160/- respectively


Location: Road 2, Banjara Hills,Beside Khao Galli, KBR road. Hyderabad Ph: 040 33194227

Love Fashioneatista


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