High Street Style with Off Shoulder Tops

I love the concept of high-street style, where you could get ready in the most fashionable way without worrying where you are heading.

In Hyderabad or lets just say India, people think a lot before picking an outfit – thinking about the place, weather, trends, colors …oh my good! what not. I mean yes being in India one has too keep in mind about kind of clothes they wear but not about what others would think of a particular style or outfit.

I dress for myself, I wear black in summers if I want, I where 6 inch pumps for a coffee date with my girls and I have worn t-shirt and ripped jeans for a Saturday karaoke night, I dress according to my mood and I really don’t care what others think or feel and neither should you.

The off shoulder trend is something I am literally obsessed with these day’s, being a 90’s kid I have been around this trend before and spotted actresses wearing the off shoulder tops/dresses with oversize shades, earrings and chokers.

This top from ‘Promod‘ is an easy fit and it’s black (do I still need to give a reason why I love it?) I paired this with my denims and over sized tassel earrings which had blue rhinestones on top of it (I got it online from this store called ‘Vida Loca‘) added my bag from ‘Robote Della Corse‘ and my ‘Aldo‘ heels to give it a high street style, I tried leaving my hair open but finally decided to go with a bun and it was just perfect.

I am loving this particular style and outfit and I am going to go get myself more of this off shoulder tips and maybe oversize pearl earrings.

Have a happy weekend guys, and wear what you love.

Love Fashioneatista

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