Work That Look- Office Style


It’s a new age in work, where people who belong to fashion industry and entertainment are taking their ‘office look’ more serious than ever. Work looks have been redefined over time and now it’s the chicest formal in most feminine way. Blazers, Satin tops with bows, Ankle length trousers, Pencil skirts or go bold with formal yet fun options like separates ; it’s all about the fit and poise.

It’s been said over again that women must don blazers to get in the race of power dressing for any officially important event like job interviews, promotion meetings, presentations, board meetings or anywhere where they stand as representative or center of attention. Hyderabad lifestyle blogger, Hyderabad fashion blogger

I personally feel I would make a boss like Miranda Priestly(aka Meryl Streep) from Devil Wears Prada (some of my colleagues think I already have a few feature, I can only take it as compliment, because  I am too passionate about my work to compromise on it.)




My work often involves meeting designers, attending events, reviewing stores or restaurant and so i always have to be either dressed up or have a back up option. This blazer from Zara is my favorite and classiest buy this year. It’s minimalist and still adds oodles of confidence and attitude. Hyderabad blogger, Hyderabad fashion blogger

So move over boring shirts and trousers and experiment more, because your 20’s and 30’s are supposed to be spent equally well in everything be it work fashion or fun. Have an amazing week my fashionable workaholics.

Bag- H & M, Shoes- Aldo, Blazer- Zara, Watch- Guess, Specs- Lenskart


Love Fahsioneatista.


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