Hoppipola, Hyderabad

Step into Hoppipola and be enveloped by this warm, fuzzy feeling of having come to your happy place. The space is massive yet cosy enough for it to feel personal. Pristine white walls, glass stained doors, a clustered wall of colorful birdhouses, gliders hanging off the ceiling and specks of quirks all around; that pretty much sums up the first look and feel of Hoppipola. Hyderabad blogger, Hyderabad lifestyle blogger, Hyderabad food blogger

Hoppipola encourages a lot of hoppi things. With a hoard of board games and the hoppi favorite live-sized Jenga, there is never a dull moment at Hoppipola. On close inspection, the tables are all actually blackboards, so while one waits for food and mulls over drinks, one may play noughts and crosses and dots away to glory or put the artist in them to work and simply doodle all over the table. Hyderabad blogger, Indian blogger

Serving an extensive bar menu, Hoppipola serves refreshing, innovative cocktails with just the right amount of flavor and kick and just what one needs to set the mood right. Served in quirky bar-ware, drinking at Hoppipola is a delight. For my blog, like a true food blogger i went on to taste some of the most yummy stuff just to share the review with you. We loved the ‘Bird Cage’ cocktail and ‘CNC’ (a cumin and cucumber flavored drink) but we absolutely loved the ‘Nutty Fruity’ (hint of pineapple, hazelnut syrup and cranberry juice made it a relishing never tried before drink)

Hoppipola serves interesting pub-grub for all kinds of appetites and palettes. Some little munchies to pair with your drinks like ‘Smokin Carlos’ ‘Chicken Trilogy’ ‘The Harissan Fish’ and ‘Lambada’ (well they have a lot more options but these are what we tried) we ordered ‘Cup of Oriental’ –Thai curry served with sauce (absolute favorite and MUST TRY). For those seeking a complete meal, there are pastas, pizzas and some interesting mains that will make for a sumptuous dinner.

Food was great but I liked the vegetarian options more than the non vegetarian ones, as the later lacked the flavors and somehow everything i tasted seemed similar and the fish too wasn’t fresh. But there is still lot more to try on the menu.

Location: Plot 1&2, Rohini Layout, Opp Shilparamam, Hitech City. Hyderabad. Ph:04033165103

Have a great week ahead guys.
Love Fashioneatista.

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