Mussoorie – Holiday in the hills

What beaches are to some, mountains are to me I am not a water baby, I would always choose hill stations, snow capped (or not) mountains, misty air and nature at its paramount. I love travelling and i thought to include my travel diaries (my travel experiences as blogs) with you all. This is my first travel blog but i hope to do a lot more, as traveling is something that literally moves my soul.So when I was asked to pick a destination for our summer vacation I knew I wanted to go north- I landed up in Mussoorie- the queen of hills (rightly Said)

View form Mussoorie Mall Road

I landed at jolly Grant Airport –Dehradun, I went in June end so the peak season was coming to an end I must say I was looking for some really calm and peaceful time, but my first take on reaching (almost reaching) Mussoorie was ‘why are there so many people?’ It was so crowded that after reaching the place it took me 1 hour to get to my resort which was technically only 12 minutes away from Mall Road.

Privilege suit- Dancing Leaves, A Sterling Resort- Mussoorie

My stay for first two days was at ‘Mussoorie Dancing Leaves- A Sterling Resort’ the resort is 2.5 km from Mussoorie Town but has an extremely nice path towards mall road (after all hill stations are all about walks and views) with most amazing view of Dehradun city below, which glitters like gemstones in dark under moonlight.

We were staying  in one of the ‘Privilege suits’ that overlooked the alluring Doon valley form every room, has a balcony with a sit-out option to enjoy the view with a local brew. We had an attached living area with sofas and T.V a small dining option and small kitchen area equipped with cutlery, microwave and refills of tea/coffee.

Dancing Leaves, A Sterling Resort- Mussoorie


Waking up to hazy cloudy mornings, enjoying breakfast in their ‘Woodstock Restaurant’ which again gives you a feel of being surrounded by mountains and clouds while you sip hot coffee and relish their wide spread of breakfast; it just was a picturesque holiday.

They had an Outdoor play area swings, which i totally engrossed in while it drizzled. And when it rained it poured in Mussoorie so I took the day off and indulged in some Spa service in house making the most out of my holiday. The evenings where fun as the property organised special bonfires, party games, barbecue nights, for all in-house guests, you get to meet so many new people it’s almost exhilarating.

Hot Ginger Lemon Tea at Chaar Dukaan- Landour, Mussoorie
View from Lal Tibba

Among the places I visited ‘Lal Tibba’ was one place I really loved. ‘Kempty falls’ is too commercialized and when in season it’s just too crowded to enjoy it. ‘Mall Road’ is one other place where you will find yourself ending up every evening, the local stores selling vintage stuff and artifacts that you can buy as souvenirs from your trip, the line full of cafes, momo stalls and restaurants; the vibe of the place is unmissable.  For more places to eat in Mussoorie stay tuned to part two of my Mussoorie diaries.

kempty falls.jpg

Hope you enjoyed my first ever travel blog post about my trip to Mussoorie.

Love Fahsioneatista

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