Trending – Culottes

Culottes are a fresh change from skinny jeans to dresses, they are most certainly the ‘it’ pant of the season. You can wear it plain or make it glam by just adding pointed heel or statement necklace for a look that is effortlessly chic.

I paired my black culottes from ZARA with beautiful crop top from FOREVER 21 which has a verry pretty lacy detailing on its flared sleeves ( gives a very vintage look) since I was meeting a designer as part of my work I add a little edge with DIY black choker, pretty bow kitten heels and my daily ‘carry all bag’ also don’t miss my fur ball which I lost soon after (face palm) but all in all its one of my favourite looks, it’s sophisticated, fashionable and verry girl boss. 

From denim to silk, culottes are available in wide variety of fabric and cuts. Silk is a great option if you don’t like stiff culottes designs. Denim is great if you like more definition in your silhouette.

It can be a little tricky trend to style but once you get what suits you best then you will just fall in love with it and make it your wardrobe stable.

It’s important to avoid pairing culottes with over sized and loose fitted tops. Culottes are great because they draw attention to your waist so don’t lose the flattering silhouette by opting for over sized tops that hide your waist line.

If you’re new to wearing culottes, choosing a pair in black or white is the best place to start. They will look chic paired back with a range of existing pieces in your wardrobe. Not only is this a great go-to outfit because tonal dressing is trending right now but it’s also a no fail approach to styling a pair of culottes.

So style on and have a great weekend ahead, don’t  foget to stay update for more on Instagram @fashioneatista

Love Fashioneatista

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