Breathing Boho Vibes

“When she transformed into
a butterfly, the caterpillers
spoke not of her beauty,
but of her
They wanted her to
change back into what
always had been.
– Dean Jackson

I sometimes really wonder what my personality is like, sometimes (mostly) i like to be composed, polished and in style but not overdo it. Poised and classy. But sometimes i am filled with a boho vibe, a feeling of being at liberty, unbound, not caring what’s going on around, be it people, trends or issues of life.

Well while i think of it why should I (or anyone) has to choose one. while I am at work, i am planning and setting my goals i like to be poised, but at the same time when i am not doing stuff liking planning my future or meeting deadlines, i like to be free. It’s okay to be selfish and think about yourself for a change, pamper yourself, breath with open arms with no one talking (or no sound of humans at all)

i think the trick is knowing what you are, feel free, and be focused on yourself, the rest will autmatically fall in place.

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