Punjab Grill, Hyderabad

Punjab grill is a known name in hospitality industry and after a huge hit in many Indian cities and off shore, it has now made way to city of foodies- Hyderabad. The restaurant is 5000 sq ft of pure fine dine experience, decorated in rich cream and gold and a kitchen separated by glass if you would like to peek in for the live cooking.

Punjab Grill offers specialties from the royal state of Punjab and specialize in styles of cooking like tandoor, sigri, tawa and kadhai — serving up a little bit of Punjab in the heart of Hyderabad.


The first things that came to my table were some yummy drinks like ‘Nimboo Acharroska’ which was a very tangy and south Indian inspired drink (well according to me at least) the ‘Dhaniya Patta’ that came next was definitely a refreshing try and I absolutely loved it. The ‘Meetha patha’ on other hand had a very strong gulkand flavor, I loved the flavor, it was something new but it was hard to finish it as the sweetness kept overpowering the taste of the food.img_1337img_1347

For starters, we had ‘Dahi Ke Kebab’ a melt in the mouth delicacy made from hung curd as main element fried to perfection. ‘Paneer Ka Soola’ and ‘Paneer Tikka Multani’ are roasted and packed with spices but lacked to impress.img_1357img_1344img_1353

In non-vegetarian we had ‘Murgh Malai Tikka’, chicken marinated in rich paste of yoghurt, cashew and cheese, slipped in tandoor for fine result. Next came the highlight of the evening ‘Chaamp Tajdar’– Lamb chops absorbed with flavors of cloves, black cardamom, kasthuri methi braised and grilled in tandoor in proper punajbi style- sure to envelop your senses with a decadent richness.img_1363

It is not just the food, but the spirits are vigorous as well. For main course we went with the classics and ordered some ‘Dal Punjab Grill’ and some much awaited ‘Butter Chicken’ accompanied with ‘Lachha Paratha‘(all of it made with a healthy dose of ghee). The creamy rich dal and tangy butter chicken where the perfect end to our meal.img_1376


Well actually it wasn’t the end for dessert we ordered the desert platter- which comes with ‘Phirni’, ‘Gulab Jamun’ and ‘Litchi Ki Tehri’. ‘Litchi Ki Tehri’ was up to the mark, just when I thought we were done we were served the complimentary ‘Pan Shots’ which and great finish to a lovely meal.

On the whole it’s a great place for a heart who is craving some north Indian touch or Punjabi flavors.

Address: Punjab Grill Hyderabad,  Fourth floor, Guru Raghavendra, Road No 1, Jubiee Hills Check Post.

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