Smart ways to wear a ‘Sleeveless Blazer’


Structured, but sans sleeves, these blazers/jackets are fantastic options for layering. This trend does work best when you make the most of the oversized and dramatic armholes and draw attention to this by wearing something simpler underneath. Full sleeves shirt may look good but may distract the feel of the look.

The main point to take not for these sleeveless jackets/blazers/coats is to keep it unbuttoned. you can pair them with shorts, jeggings or even skirts, just remember to keep it minimal and don’t mix too many colours.

In my outfit I have paired my green sleeveless blazer form AND kept the other column of colour as black. Keeping it minimal with green pumps and black tote, it’s my perfect office look almost obsessed wanting to have one in more colours. It’s one of those looks where you can easily go from coffee to drinks.


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Love Fashioneatista

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