Prost Brewpub, Hyderabad

The trend of microbreweries in Hyderabad has just kick-started and must I say people love it. Being to three of them by now I will happily say that ‘Prost’ Hyderabad (because they have in Bangalore too) is by far my favorite. The three level microbrewery is huge and the interiors are just perfect to the details, every corner has a different vibe from exposed pipes to car heads outdoors. With both outdoor and indoor seating available it’s already a crowd puller.


Watermelon Feta Salad

We tasted some soul filling food; the place is pocket friendly, has endless variety, great presentation and full points for taste. The entree menu is more elaborate compared to the main course. However the most appealing part of the menu is option of ‘Half and Half’ (I personally love it even more because I have lot of vegetarian friends and I end up ordering  veg because I don’t want to waste a portion of meal just coz I can not finish it alone) plus we get to try more variety this way.

I am not a big fan of salads but the watermelon feta salad was an epic one, and definitely coming back for this soon. The layered beauty is a treat too eyes as well as taste buds…and healthy too so no minus points for over indulging in it. We also tried ‘Paneer Gatari’ ‘Crackling Stuffed Fish’ ‘Cajun Potatoes’

‘Koli chips’ with finger licking seasoning is as thin as a chicken (starter) can get, it’s one of the blockbuster dish and a hands down favorite.  The ‘Mutton Kheema Puchka is a surprise dish- where kheema ‘meats’ Pani Puri.

‘Quesadillas’ in veg are also great and ‘Pottery Prawns’ is just a unique and high in flavors, its prawns are vodka based, served on a bed of olive oil in a pot along with garlic bread. Don’t forget to try their “Chocolate Eclair’ to wind up your meal that is going to leave you speechless.

Kheema Pani Puri
Koli (chicken) Chips


Cajun Grilled Fish
Pottery Prawns with Garlic Bread

Don’t wait for the weekend to try this place, just blow your Monday blues over a beer and some great music.

Location: Rd.No. 45, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad.  Ph: 23556235

Love Fashioneatista.

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