Weekend with RAW-Pressery

The festive season was a real thrill, Diwali is one of the most elaborate festivals of the year, and with it comes all the uncontrollable consumption of sweets, desi food and what not. i know i am a food blogger and i am always out reviewing food but the festive season is what actually raises guilt.

So i decided to take a cleanse, not with an intention to curb that entire calorie intake or weight loss (Detox diets or juice cleanse DO NOT help you lose weight, they just help you kick start a healthy diet) but just to kill that mental feeling of being bloated.

So i went ahead and ordered myself a Detox Cleanse from ‘Raw Pressery’. With its presence in Hyderabad no, i dint want to give it a miss. i have tried few local juice cleanse before and i knew how it goes (mostly surviving on set if juices all day, to be consumed in intervals) these juices are a mix of fresh vegetables and fruits to give you the best of nutrition with each bottle.

A one day detox costs about 1500/- that delivers 6 bottles, 410ml of ‘All Good, No Bad’ right at your doorstop. The bottles looked filling and the gorgeous hues left me enticed. But remember once you open it’s for immediate consumption only, and since they are all cold pressed you need to refrigerate and consume with a day or two.

Each bottle has a benefit and the ideal consumption time clearly written on it. Just takes all the guesswork out of doing a juice cleanses, making it easy and enjoyable. My favorite of all juices were Flush, Glow and Shield.

Kick starting the day with a morning walk at necklace road  and first juice of the day
If only Saturdays were an off, work all day but loving the RAW love
Much needed pamper session at Aura spa, The Park Hyderabad; flushing toxins inside out
Catching up with friends but carrying my Raw Pressery to shield my cravings
skipping all the makeup essentials and going for inner glow
Because its perfectly okay to spend some weekends at home but ‘in style’

I would definitely recommend you to try it (especially with all the ‘getting in shape for New-year ‘drama has begun) and even though i am not going to go for a full cleanse soon (its advisable to do it once or twice a month only), I am definitely going for the other option where you can get one or two juices delivered every day or alternate day. Because i personally don’t follow a very fit lifestyle but i guess this is a great way to start, by including at least one bottle of ‘Healthy’ in my daily life.

Have a Fit week ahead. Don’t forget to follow your only Hyderabad lifestyle blogger for all the ‘New and What’ happening in Hyderabad on Instagram at FASHIONEATISTA

Order: https://www.rawpressery.com/

Love Fashioneatista


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