Marwari food festival at Sheraton Hyderabad


Rajasthan is one state in India that i would never get tired of visiting, the colors, the food, the history everything makes for an enthralling experience that will make you keep coming back for more. So when I was invited for a special evening of ‘Marwari food festival’ at Sherton Hyderabad, uniquely planed by their head chef, Sumit kedia, who originally belongs to the land of flavors himself, I gladly accepted

Marwari food is one of the most scrumptious offering as part of north Indian cuisine; you just have to treat your taste buds the authentic way.

The ambiance and staff (dressed in traditional Marwari clothing) both added to the feel of ongoing fest. There were live counters and a lavish buffet spread with an array of Marwari and
Rajputana Delicacies. Since Marwari food is mainly vegetarian, chef added few authentic Rajput dishes to cater the non vegetarian’s as well (the buffet also offers few regular dishes, which I doubt you will bother over the special menu)

I really enjoyed the live counters set up in the restaurant, dishing out snacks, chaat items and appetizers. I really like the ‘Palak Chaat’, ‘Kachori’, ‘Papdi Chat’, they also had ‘Moong Dal Chilva’ and ‘Dosa’. While I sipped on some ‘Thandai’ chef sent us the next course of the meal.


The main reason I was looking forward for this food festival in Hyderabad was ‘Dal Bhati Churma’ and ‘Lal Maas’. Dal Bhati was good and lal maas was exceptional, the spicy dish accompanied with some ‘Bajre Ki Roti’ brought back memories of my trip to Rajasthan. I enjoyed it to my heart’s content. I also ‘Ker sangria’, ‘Kadhi pakodi’, ‘Gatte ki sabji’ out of which I really liked the tangy ker sangria. I had no space for rice, but ‘Pulav’ looked rich in flavors and tempting; however i love fish and couldn’t stop myself from trying the mouth melting ‘Sarosn Machi’

Coming to desserts, I am not a big fan of Indian desserts except ‘Ghevar’ and gulab jamun, I regularly get ghevar couriered from LMB in Jaipur and I was glad to have it here on menu. we missed out on the jalebi (we just over indulged in food and conversations so much that it was time they wrapped up lunch)  but they had much more like ‘Moong Dal Halwa’ ‘Malpua’ ‘Gulab Jamun’ ‘Balushahi’ ‘Gujiya’ and just like buffet they had some really good chocolate mousse and other desserts to try.


What i loved the most here was the variety of ‘Achhar’ you like – ‘Ker ka achar’ ‘Pyaj ka achar’  ‘Aam ki lunji’ and ‘Tinda ka achar’. Some really unseal flavor to tickle your taste buds.

So go ahead and grab yourself an authentic ‘Marwari Meal’ this weekend. Don’t forget to share your experience and follow your favorite lifestyle blogger in Hyderabad on Instagram @fahsionetaista.

Venue: Sheraton Hyderabad Hotel, Gachibowli . Till: 25th November

Love Fashioneatista


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