For the love of ‘TEA’

So its world Tea day today and i only realized it at 4 30 today. I am not a big time tea person (well more of coffee addict as lot of my friends know me) but I have managed to create 10 of best tea experience i have had in Hyderabad (so it’s not one of those 10 best places in Hyderabad for tea, but more of 10 times i really choose tea over coffee… in any form)

Nimra Bakery- During my early morning food walk at Charminar
Tea Trails- just one rainy afternoon, also because it has endless variety of tea’s
Concu- because of all the prettiness this place has, and well after all the tempting desserts this is the only way to leave with little less guilt.
Gallery Cafe – Kahwa-perfect for winter (and yes khawa is a form of tea..i googled)
The Matter of Batter- well it was Starberry flavoured tea for gods sake, and look at those cups i felt like i was having my own little tea party
Finjan Tea Lounge- I literally spent 2 hours on my first visit tasting almost every kind of tea they had, this place is oure heaven for tea lovers. hot, cold, flvoured name it they have it, well if that isnt enough they actually sell these cute tea glasses and sets for you tosavour your tea (which they sell too)
Tea Trunk- ordered online, flavors are just blissful, but i found out about the site when i bumped into reading about India’s first Tea Sommelier , who started Tea Trunk, now who would know better than the woman who has traveled around the world studying TEA.
Glokal-Chai Panacotta, its mild and not taht sweet and tastes like masala chai only frozen (well not literraly)
Cafe Niloufer & Baker- well this place has history and this ine place i am heading too as soon as i am done with this post (also this is the only picture i picked form Zomato, because this list would be incomplate without mantiong this place)
Gardner Street- also found this online, and must i say the flavour is more than just a hint and you can feel it even afer you are done with your tea, this one is my favouite and would definetly recommend it

If you think i forgot to try something i should have, please do mention the place below in comments. Do follow me on Instagram@fashioneatsia for all the latest updates on Fashion food and everything tats happening in Hyderabad.

Love Fashioneatista

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