Ciclo Cafe Hyderabad- Riding High on Nostalgia


As a kid, I used to love cycling and the love for it continued in my teens as well where I had a blue (yes not pink but blue) ladybird with a basket attached to it, I rode it for an hour daily with my Walkman on (yet another favorite possession) listening to ‘Backstreet Boys’ and ‘Blue Band’ (do you remember their song…All rise?)

So, when I found out about this place ‘Ciclo Café’ (Chee-Kloh is how it’s pronounced) being all about cycling and good food, I had to visit. Located in prime area of Jubilee hills, Ciclo café looks like a chic independent house from outdoors and a very spacious, artistic place indoors. Large seating’s to comfortable couches, you can choose to spend time with your family or friends or just garb a coffee and spend some me time, this place has an open ambiance for all. Ciclo cafe is all about the details, from cycling memorabilia, books & photos to tasteful use of cycle parts in chandeliers, lamps, tables and wall decor in best possible way.


Ciclo cafe (with its successfully running landmark cafe in Chennai) is India’s first Cycling Cafe that promotes cycling as a lifestyle in the country. Apart from serving food and non-alcoholic drinks, the cafe will also have an attached store retailing super-premium cycles. Partnered with the finest -TI cycles, better known for its brands like Hercules, BSA and international brands like Schwinn, Mongoose, Cannon-dale, Bianchi, Montra and GT; promotes a ride of fun and food. Not only this they offer Service of bikes, Bike Rentals and organise bike roads all over India.

Mini Bombay Vada Pav

As for food, there menu offer fusion of local foods in their smartly presented newspaper menu (like I mentioned it’s all in the details) They have a very cosy bar area. We tried ‘Smoked Watermelon & Feta’ salad, fresh watermelon and feta cheese are a match made in heaven and you can never have enough of it. In appetizers, we had ‘Mini Bombay Vada Pav’ the crispy patty and spicy flavor was scrumptious and so were the flavorsome ‘Butter Poached Wasabi Prawns’ I personally enjoy everything that has a hint of wasabi in it, so there was no doubt when I saw and ordered ‘Mushroom & Broccoli Onion Rings- Wasabi Mayo’ I would enjoy it, and I did. They serve Pizza, both full size and slice wise, we thoroughly enjoyed the ‘4 cheese‘ pizza and ‘Smoked Honey Mustard Chicken’ Pizza. ‘Green Thai Curry with Lemon Grass Scented Rice’ in main course was too bland and disappointing.

Smoked Watermelon Feta Salad, Smoked Honey Mustard Pizza & Grilled chicken Chipotle Sandwich
Mushroom & Broccoli Onion Rings, Butter Poached Wasabi Prawns and Rawas Taquitos

I extended my visit post lunch with a meeting right there, and later tasted ‘Pumpkin & Fig Cheese Cake’ (along with hot cappuccino) which was incredible.

Pumpkin and Fig Cheesecake


So go ahead and enjoy your weekend at Ciclo Cafe Hyderabad,and you might end up making plans for Sunday as well (rent out a cycle and enjoy winter mornings, i am sure heading for it)

Love Fashioneatista

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