Authentically Twisted in Collab with The Geminist

This post is special, not only because it’s particularly curated for Sankranti but also because it’s my first ever collaboration with a fellow Hyderabad blogger ‘The Geminist’. I have collaborated with various brands and store, but this is the first where i have worked on one-on-one basis with fellow a blogger.

Not only was it super fun but I made a new friend in process, we hung out a lot over coffee, French fries craving and pretty places. We planned a lot of things  (of course there are future collabs coming so keep a tab on this space) So enjoy this post and fly high (with kites or desserts)

Apple Jalebi
I was fascinated with the name itself, and ordered this dessert out of pure curiosity. Served in a martini glass topped with a biscotti and rabri to pair with it. I expected it to be crunchy (but it wasn’t) it was nice until i dipped a slice in rabri and totally loved the pairing, if you are trying it then we both would definitely suggest this combo.
Place: Trident, Hitech City  wp-image-1646815408jpg.jpg

Rose and Saffron ice-cream

I love almost every flavor at Indulgence Ice cream, they are fresh and they always keep adding new flavors, so when we took a chance hopeing we would get something for our blog, we were happy to find our pick. I love everything about this icecream, you can feel the texture of rose petals in every bite and it was yummy (well its ice cream, we tried every flavor before finalizing on it, but we loved them all) also a mention of the sweet staff, who garnished our ice cream with rose petals for our perfect shot.

Place: Indulge by Almond House, Banjara Hills


Bubbling Kulfi
Kulfi served in in a form of frozen popcorn, yes you heard it right, it bubbled smoke out of the glass funnel attached to inverted dome like bowl; served at -196C with 4 toppings – Rabri, Chocolate sauce (very awful) Rose caviar- which was very good, salted caramel (a clear winner for me) and blueberry sauce which Stuti really loved, it was a very unique combination and did well for our taste buds.

Place: SpiceKlub, Jubilee Hills


Coconut Brûlée

I remember we did this at very end, and reached the restaurant almost when they where shutting (post lunch) but after requesting they extended their last order to us. while we sipped our coffee and waited, me and Stuti spoke endlessly. when our dessert arrived, we were happy like little kids in the candy store, it was our last (only for this blog post, i mean common what would be life without desserts). creme brûlée is my favorite so i was really keen on trying this. The crunchy sugar topping on top, layers of frozen (it isn’t supposed to be frozen, but we liked it) mousse was a exquisite. The nougat which was a crispy topping on whipped cream was so good- with flavor of caramel and desiccated coconut. It was a perfect balance of ingredients and coconut doesn’t overpowers the dish which makes it much enjoyable. 

Place: Tatva, Jubilee Hills


Pan Cheesecake

This is as fusion as it gets. We all love cheesecake and we all love pan, so jut imagine when both come together. Neatly rolled pan filled with creamy cheesecake topped with cherry so so good you will want more. Full points for presentation and taste 

Place: Glocal Hyderabad, Jubilee Hills



I know we said fusion desserts, but we are loyalists too. Sankranti is just incomplete without a special mention of its seasonal favourite Ghevar. This is the only time of the year where you get Ghevar in Hyderabad. Available in plain, kesar, malai or either rabri it’s something we gorge on endlessly. Another seasonal favourite stores Til Ke Laddu like, fresh soft and full of jaggery favour- absolute perfection.

Place: Dadu’s, Jubilee Hills


Hope you enjoyed this post a much as we loved putting it together for all of you. Wish you a very Happy Sankaranti. Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram @thegeminist and @fahsioneatsista (your only lifestyle blogger in Hyderabad) for more fun updates on everything that’s happening in Hyderabad.

Love FashioneatistaXTheGeminist 

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