Winter Green



Pantone releases a color ever year declaring it as a ‘Color of the Year’ and this year they choose ‘Greenery’. Pantone Doesn’t set a trend but helps set a base for it and companies, be it fashion or otherwise make trends, business around it. Pantone has said with the world we live in today, it’s a very stressful and intense one. With high demands and pressure to succeed in everyday life, we forget to “stay calm”. This color visually is designed to bring those emotions and thoughts into place. According to the company, the color of the year “Greenery” brings meaning and an idea of what’s been happening in the global culture.

I like the color, especially emerald green. Green as a color is so uplifting, and when you say green you have all the visuals of trees, mountains, grass basically all things fresh and alive. I agree that people need to make a sense of connection to reality (not man made but natural) and encourage people to “Take a deep breath, oxygenate and reinvigorate”.

I Love this dress from H&M I got it last year when the store just launched in Delhi. It’s perfect for Hyderabad weather. The boots add to entire winter feel, seeing I wait an entire year to wear them, I have worn these boots so much and now can’t wait for winters to return or take a holiday abroad to take them out of closet again (as it is it’s hard to wear boots in Hyderabad, a big face palm)

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Love Fashioneatista

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