Chit Chat Chai

So i have been waiting for this place to open for a month now. I used to say i am not a tea person but i realised i actually am the only thing is i prefer mine without milk.
So when i was at the 36 drive in last night to hog on some food i spotted this place and people in it , leave the fact i dint know where it was going to open… it was already OPEN!

So i went over the very next day and was greeted by there in house Tea Sommelier, who also happens to co-own the place. On asking she mentioned that they haven’t launched officially yet but are open for anyone who drops in.

Dont go by the look from outside the place is huge, they have an outer area, inner seating and option for private  (or larger) gatherings upstairs.

Chit Chat Chai as a place that offers more than just chai (a lot of chai, if i may) they have desserts, fresh cookies and good food.

Coming to tea’s they have done their homework in best way possible (they all have some health benefits), so no matter what you are drinking rest assured you are benefiting from it.

Kadipak Chai and Matcha Tea

The Tea experience began with ‘Kadipakk Chai’, the aroma feels your senses and reminds you of rainy days snuggled at home. ‘Matcha Tea’ was something i was looking forward to try, with a world wide hype and disappointment post tasting the bitter matcha frappe at Starbucks i really wanted to understand it its meant to be that way. To my surprise and pleasure it wasn’t bitter, the taste blended beautifully (when i asked her about the drink she said it all depends on the quality, the better the quality the better it blends.. point to be noted)

Rose Tea

Coming to flavored tea (my favorites here) i tried the ‘Rose and chamomile- Mint tea’. Both the tea’s were mind blowing. The aroma, the sense of calmness that comes with each sip is just heavenly.

Rose, Hibiscus, Mango ice tea, Strawberry Tea with barbecue chicken wings and creamy Harissa Chicken with Hummus & Pita

Next i tried cooler versions- ‘Rose Hibiscus Mango Tea’, with a hint if each and chia seeds it look beautiful but came a little strong on flavor for me (i loved the addition of chea seeds though, good option for summers if you are okay with the sweetness) what I tried next was a definite surprise , ‘Strawberry Tea’ which looked pretty and tasted well too, i mean who could have imagined strawberry Tea? (Until unless it was just a flavored green tea types)
I cant wait for the rains to begin to enjoy my daily dose of cuppa here. As for food don’t miss out on the ‘Creamy Harissa Chicken with hummus and Pita’ ( its really delicious) and ‘Barbecue Chicken Wings’ , which are tangy and spicy
Have a great weekend and head to chit chat chai for lot of ..well chit-chat and chai.

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Love Fashioneatista

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